Nyrissa and the Jabberwock

Entry by Ilona Orlosky

We began by entering the Fable. Nyrissa is lounging on her platform. I got her monologuing about how we needed to give her Briar and go quietly into her bottle. I told her that would happen only from my cold dead hands. She decided to oblige that possiblility and the Jabberwock attacked us.
As expected she is powerful and very equal to our strength. She has the ability to employ many of our “tricks” in addition to the use of Maze on Khismia, Eran, and Riani. Breela fell early, and Jiro just fell to the Jabberwock and it was down to just me, her and the damned Jabberwock.
Then somehow, someway just before I could attack the Jabberwock, I get teleported next to Eran, Riani, and Khismia.
I hope we have not doomed ourselves.

Nyrissa is a cruel, insane, ugly being. By the grace of Shelyn, I hope to remove her ugliness from existence.



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