The Grand Event

Will Brevoy go up in flames?

Lamashan 17
We arrived in New Steven 4 days ago and have been kept quite busy attending all the parties that nobles host when all the other nobles are in town. Ilona, Eran and I got some quality time spent with Poul and he gave us his opinion on who’s falling where on the presumed upcoming civil war. He’s pretty sure the houses of Garess and Medvyed will be against Surtova (as is Orlovsky) while Lebeda will support Surtova for sure and Lodovka could go either way or try and remain neutral (a course of action Poul believes to be doomed to failure). He assured us again that House Orlovsky has plans for a fast removal from New Steven and defense of Skywatch. We’re hoping it doesn’t come to a direct assault, of course. We may have moved on to another stage in our lives, but none of us want to see our childhood home ruined by war.

Our little ambassador friend traveled with us all the way from Isenfell and has been quite diligent about following us to all of the parties as well. It’s quite obvious he’s been given orders to keep an eye on us. We’ve been doing nothing to occasion comment from him and it’s perfectly natural of us to spend time with a family member we’ve not seen in several years, so he can make of that what he will. For the historical record, The last Rovarian king disappeared in 4699, which was nine years ago. In all that time, no trace of anyone of his lineage has been found, not even an illegitimate offshoot.

This afternoon we’ll all be heading to the main event, where Noleski Surtova is expected to declare himself king and set off a large-scale civil war in the kingdom directly north of us. I can’t wait! I’ll do my best to write down events after the banquet (assuming we’re not also making a hasty get away), but for now I need to get ready for the party.



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