The Aftermath

And Brevoy stands divided

Lamashan 18
Didn’t get a chance to get back to writing my journal yesterday in the flurry of activities. We all dressed quite dashingly, having had the foresight to get fancy clothes made for the rest of our party that didn’t grow up attending noble balls. We had spent the ride up to New Steven making sure they all knew the sort of etiquette that nobles are taught from a very early age. Being raised by outsiders and halflings is all very well for adventurers, but it does leave out the finer points of behavior for being a state official…

The event sported a vast array of beautiful clothes, false smiles, a long, boring banquet, and many speeches about the dangers of the demonic incursion and how we cannot afford to stand divided at this time. All the usual political rhetoric we’d expected. I was surprised at how young Surtova was, only in his 30s, though Poul had said it’s quite well-known that it’s actually his older sister Natala who runs things through him. As expected, after this rousing call for unity, there was anything but when he announced that he would now be king rather than regent. Representatives from Houses Lebeda and Rovaria bow to the new king while those from Medvyed, Garess and Orlovsky refuse and depart the banquet. In a surprising turn of events, House Lodovka also chooses to kneel after that. A high-ranking priest of Abadar pleads for peace, but I think everyone there knew it was too late for that. We made sure that our family was being allowed to leave peacefully (and they certainly looked like they’d planned for a hasty retreat) and then we unceremoniously ditched our horses and pretty clothes for the option of a quick journey back via teleportation, leaving our ambassador to follow along at his leisure. Our servants will see to it that our fancy gear gets back home safely and they should actually be much less worthy targets without us there (assuming anyone might be planning unsavory actions against us).

Ilona’s already met with Seamus and Garess this morning to brief them on the new tensions up north (though I assume Garess at least already had an inkling which way the wind was blowing since his family was a major player in the events). They’ve immediately set scouts to watching the borders for any incursions. We’ll start raising an army “just in case” as soon as we’re able.



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