Restov Falls

To treachery?

Lamashan 28
Not seeing an immediate threat to our kingdom from the north, Eran set events in motion to call up the militia and start training new recruits, then we set back out into the Tors to the southeast, wanting to finish exploring that area. We left feather tokens with all our scouts and our clerics and priests in Isenfell can message us should the need arise. We’re really not expecting trouble this late in the season, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

While we were in the Tors, we got a message reporting a large army of Rovarian troops and mercenaries were marching on Restov. Our reports earlier had indicated that Restov was well-prepared for a siege, so we were rather surprised to learn by the time we got back home that it had fallen in only two days with no sign of damage. The rumor is that one of the Sword Lords turned on them and allowed the army entrance to the city. Whatever happened there, we now have an army camped on our northern border, which isn’t making Ilona happy at all. It would be stupid of them to also start a war with us before Surtova has consolidated power in Brevoy, but that doesn’t stop us from being concerned…



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