Festival of Lights

A beautiful winter

Kuthona 22
Celebrated the winter solstice last night with a gorgeous display of magical fireworks and lights strung up around the city. Someone at the academy found a way to change our magical streetlights to different colors, so they were slowly morphing through the entire spectrum all night. There was a gentle snowfall and very little wind, so everyone was able to be out celebrating with hot mulled wine and other warmed drinks. There may have even been singing, though from an excess of joy or spirits I can’t be certain. We had dozens of stations around all our cities with carved roasts, fresh breads and the finest of our fall harvest vegetables available to all. As far as I know, Ilona didn’t even play any pranks during this holiday! Perlivash spent the evening sampling all of the free food and drink. He said it would be a real shame if we were serving inferior goods and he was just trying to make sure we had good standards everywhere. His little belly is quite stuffed and he seemed quite muzzy when he waddled in last night, not even bothering to stay invisible. He’s still sleeping as I write this. It’s really quite nice to end the year on such a good note.



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