A Month for Love...

Ilona's update...

Calistril 16
My dearest sister and readers of her journal.
I so hope that Eran finally falls in love…Evelyth would be a good match for him even though she has duties and responsibilities near the World Wound. She is everything he needs in a wife and companion, especially being an aasimar. Khismia would be only a passing trist and her prediliction for charging into battle will get her killed sooner than any of us would like. Though Lily would be Evelyth’s equal as a wife, Lily is not made of quite the same stuff as Evelyth. Lily has Eran’s best interests at heart. Wishing that he will choose between them so we can celebrate both the wedding and an heir.
We need him married off sooner than later and then we can get onto other worries.
It will also ensure our kingdom’s lineage.
I will be working our troops in extra drills and combat training in order to be prepared for anything that might happen on the northern border and on the western frontier in case Pitax decides to try something.
I have been urging Eran to make improvements and then get a garrison in Fort Drelev ASAP.
I foresee nothing but problems from Pitax.

In more fun matters, our festival for the month should prove greater than ever. I am definitely looking forward to it. Ahlissa always makes the festival grand.

Hopefully Perlivash gets me some details on Eran and Evelyth’s day together.
Might have to ask him for some help in getting into Riani’s room…She’s changed her locks again. WIll have to talk to the lock smith again….



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