A Month for Love

Is my brother falling for Evelyth?

Calistril 15
Evelyth came in to visit yesterday, just in time for the Calistrian festival of love (lust?). I don’t know if the timing was coincidental, but Ilona’s pretty sure it’s not. Not that I could ask Evelyth since she immediately scooped up Eran and they went off somewhere together the whole day. I have yet to locate Perlivash, but I’m hoping he managed to follow them and can tell me all the juicy details. Ilona’s asking around by more conventional methods.

So far this month we’ve built a trade shop (and housing for the tradesmen and women) in Tatzlford and a guildhall, shrine and a couple of shops in Olegton. We’ve added a bunch more roads and a mine and a farm or two. The details are unimportant, just good to hear we’re still keeping things moving even in the winter. We’re wanting to grow large enough that we don’t look like a particularly tempting target for Brevoy to just roll over if they manage to consolidate power in the spring.



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