Hatching a Plan
Final swamp cleanup

Erastus 13
We’ve been out exploring the last of the swamp land south of Fort Drelev. So far we’ve found some Chul (large lobster-like creatures) which we ambushed and killed after ransacking their cave while they were out, a large number of shambling mounds which we dispatched, and a dead boggard ambush.

Today however, we came upon some non-hostile, non-natives in the swamp; a group of severly emaciated people moving southwest, too exhausted to flee when we came upon them. They’re fleeing from Fort Drelev where the mercenaries are getting “more capricious and more brutal” by the day. We decided we’d wasted enough time exploring and that Drelev needs to be dealt with, so we’ve teleported the entire group back to Isenfell to recover while we plan our infiltration of Fort Drelev. Pumping the refugees (while feeding them, of course, we’re not that heartless) yielded a lot of useful information like the city layout and general number of fighters in the city. A frontal assault seems like a bad idea with how many mercenaries we’ve heard are there, so we’ll try meeting up with Cassandra Numesti’s Calistrian contact and see what she can tell us. To this end, Ilona and I will pose as merchants (hot Aasimar twins are often quite good at distracting guards from what’s really going on!) while Eran (disguised as he’s quite well-known) and the others act as our “staff.” We’ve stocked up on the kind of trade goods the refugees say would be desirable in Fort Drelev and will port most of the way there in the morning with the rest of the trip made in our folding boat.

Restov Getting Desperate
The Sword Lords do not approve

Erastus 7
We’ve built up Olegton’s shrine to Abadar into a full-fledged temple and put in a shrine to Erastil as well. They’ve also got a thriving new market. Oleg would be proud of how well his once-tiny general store has grown. Tatzlford got more housing and a luxury store while Rechnoye also received more housing, a smithy and a dance hall (and there was much rejoicing!).

We received some petitioners from Retov yesterday requesting that we liberate the city! It seems the inhabitants don’t care for the mercenaries stationed there, or the war taxes. They went so far as to strongly imply (without actually saying so, of course) that the Sword Lords would probably join our kingdom if we were to liberate them. It’s something to definitely consider.

Our northern news network reports that the resistance near Silverhall was dispersed by Surtova forces and a general was assassinated, though we don’t have any more details than that right now.

Standard Adventuring Fare
A pretty boring month

Sarenith 30
I’ll just write up the whole month in one go. Nothing terribly exciting happened, so I didn’t write anything as we were out exploring. We just teleported back this afternoon, so I can write this up in comfort!

We’d first headed out to explore an area indicated as haunted by the bogstriders. They had a legend of a beast called a hooktongue (hence the name of the lake) but it hasn’t been seen in decades. In the haunted area, fishermen go missing and are later discovered missing eyes and fingers. As we were exploring from our folding boat, we heard voices from shore which we went to investigate. What we found were some evil river otter-like things that died rather quickly, which we think are the source of the rumors since we found no other evidence of creatures (or hauntings) in the area.

We explored a large swath of quicksand which is dense enough I don’t think we’ll be able to use that land for anything at all. We found a large patch of cloudberries elsewhere, used in many foods and drinks. An area indicated by the bogstriders to be the site of a boggard ambush was quite calm, probably due to us wiping out the boggard village earlier in our travels.

We did find a really cool bridge, one we think is well over two hundred years old, with wyvern decorations. We’re calling it the Wyvern Stone Bridge in any case, and we won’t have to build a new bridge there, though we’ll have the royal engineers check it for soundness before putting it to use.

And that was the entire month of Sarenith in review. Oh, Ilona and I did teleport back to Isenfell for Midsummer along with Breela (who decided she would be happy for a chance at a hot bath if we were going anyway) while Jiro wanted to check out the area we were headed to the next day and Khismia took the opportunity to “be alone” with Eran…

Jiro and the Thieves Guild
The Enforcer behaves very impulsively

Sarenith 5
While most of us were happily relaxing and doing the usual crisis management that our underlings can’t deal with while we’re away, Jiro apparently took it upon himself to personally investigate Garess’ rumors of a thieves’ guild which had so far been unconfirmed (all this without telling a soul of his intentions!). This morning he finally filled us in on what happened.

Apparently yesterday his search attracted attention and he got a nice monogrammed note asking him to meet at a nice inn. Most people would have taken backup, or at least informed someone they were going, should backup be required… But not Jiro! So he headed to the inn in question where he was met by a beautiful woman who offered him food and drink (which he quite sensibly refused) and then was spoken to by a disembodied voice who asked why the Royal Enforcer himself was pursuing this matter. Jiro expressed his desire to open up conversational options should they be needed, which amused the owner of the disembodied voice and he gave Jiro an innocuous code phrase which the town criers could work into daily announcements that would indicate Jiro’s desire to speak with him (one presumes the leader of the thieves’ guild) and that individual would then contact Jiro.

We also interrogated the “refugee” from Pitax who had been discovered as a spy. Utilizing a zone of truth and Ilona and Eran playing good cop/bad cop, we were able to discern he had come to our fair kingdom to become a sleeper agent. His contact, unfortunately for him, was someone Lily had turned already, which is how he was discovered. His contact was to set him up with a cover identity until he was activated. This is apparently common practice for Lord Irovetti, the leader of Pitax. Lily will continue to have any new “refugees” investigated.

So we’re not stuck on border patrol forever, we’re completed building a fort north of Crooked Falls for the army watching for mercenary shenanigans. Rechnoye received improvements in the form of a tavern, library, and shrine to Abadar. Tatzlford has a new noble family in residence who’ve now completed their villa and are settling in.

We’ll be setting back out to the swamp once we’ve celebrated Founder’s Day. There’s also the Midsummer Festival later in the month which I may just teleport Ilona and I back for if we’re not too busy…

Khismia and Lily Not Speaking to Each Other
Ilona very amused

Sarenith 2
We got back yesterday from patrolling the border to find that Lily had planned a grand birthday celebration for the three of us since we’d been out in the wilds on our actual birthday. Of course, we all know that it’s really a party for Eran, but it’s a bit too obvious if she only invites him and he may just ignore the invitation that way. So, a party for all it is! It was hilarious watching Khismia and Lily swiping at each other (verbally) all night, while also trying to catch and keep Eran’s attention. Eran, meanwhile, seemed completely oblivious to their feminine wiles and was instead discussing the civil war happening in the north with Garess. Garess had received a missive from his family contacts while we were gone saying the Battle of Silverhall had ended in a “tactical victory” for the rebels, but while they’d won the battle they didn’t want to be tied down in one place, so they’d abandoned their captured city soon afterwards. I’ll say one thing about Lily though, she throws an awesome party. There were all sorts of delicious foods (especially delicious when one has been out in the swamp and on border patrol for a month) and a lovely large cake! She’d acquired a troupe of jugglers who were very keen on juggling dangerous things like fire and knives, which was quite a show. Khismia even volunteered to have knives thrown around her (after Lily shuddered and exclaimed that she would “never be brave enough to do that!”) and seemed quite calm while strangers hurled pointy objects her way. All for naught as Eran continued his discussions next with Celeste to see how the new armies are affecting the economy. My brother really needs to learn to relax! The night ended with neither leaving with Eran and neither speaking with each other. It also ended with Ilona and I in fits of giggles and plotting our next move…

Border Patrol
Just showing the colors

Desnus 26
A couple of days ago we got a message from Lily saying the rebel armies were going on the offensive and moving on Silverhall. We did some more exploring and now we’re back to patrolling the border for a couple days. I don’t anticipate it will be in any way exciting…

The Legless Lady Escapes
I'm sure we'll never run into her again

Desnus 22
Yesterday morning we emerged well-rested and well-prepared for a battle with our naga foe only to find she’d cleared out overnight. Her two minions still under compulsion (sadly, the one we’d broken her hold on had died in her fireball yesterday) were found trekking toward Fort Drelev and we removed her spells on them and told them of the loss of their fellow. We advised them to avoid the watery areas on their way back to their homes and continued on with our exploration. We happened upon an area which the bogstriders had indicated was overrun with giant dragonflies and removed that threat and made camp. It was pretty boring.

A Spy!
Garess holding down the fort

Desnus 20
We got a message last night from Garess saying he’d found out that one of the refugees we escorted back last month was a spy and will be incarcerated. Today we investigated the area of land that the bogstriders had indicated was the “Swamp Scar.” We found a cave and heard voices inside speaking of people we don’t know. We sent the eidolon to investigate and he found 3 men eating elk in a small chamber speaking of gifts for the “Legless Lady.” We went up and introduced ourselves and when asked if we came to pay homage to her, we played along, which allowed us to get deeper into the cave where there was a pool of water, but no lady that we could see. Us being impulsive adventurers, we then proceeded to cast light on a stone and toss it into the pool where we briefly saw a humanoid face before she swam off. At that point, our guide from the front cave came back to see what we were up to and didn’t approve of us throwing stones into his lady’s pool. His behavior seems kind of odd, so we ask to speak to him outside where a detection spell shows him to be under magical influence of some kind. after breaking that enchantment, we’re able to learn that he and his friends were fishermen and the last thing he remembers was three weeks ago. We try and convince the other two to follow us out of the cave to also remove their compulsion, but they refuse to go because the “Lady told them not to.” Once we head back out of the cave, we’re surprised by a fireball coming from the swamp. It seems our “Lady” doesn’t like interference. Next she tries charming Jiro, who in a shocking turn of events, doesn’t succumb. Not having the appropriate spells we’d need to deal with what we are now guessing to be a naga, we set up the fortress and troop inside for the rest of the day so we’re not dealing with constant attempts to subvert our fighter-types.

Happy Birthday to Us
A treant and a lumberjack

Desnus 17
We turned 91 today, and did nothing at all to celebrate, aww. I’ll have to learn the spell “Create Cake and Punch” instead of this generic “Create Food and Water” crap…

Earlier today we were startled by distant cries for help, which we followed. As we drew closer, we heard very loud crashing through the forest. We found a lumberjack being pursued very closely by a tree! A treant to be more precise. Once we’d separated them we were able to find out what had happened. The lumberjack, named Morgan, lives on the outskirts of Tatzlford and apparently was wandering quite far away when he started cutting down a large tree which just happened to be a treant (quite indistinguishable from a normal tree when immobile). The treant, of course, wasn’t happy with this and wants revenge on the lumberjack for cutting him. He finally settles down when we figure out exactly how long he’s been asleep (hundreds of years since the cyclops empires were fading when he was last awake) and suggest that he may like to go talk to our dryad friend Teresia to get caught up on current events. He seems quite amenable to that suggestion and goes ambling off in the appropriate direction while we stay behind to scold our errant lumberjack and find out from him that there are other loggers in the area. We send him back to have them pull back into land we actually claim, not wanting to annoy any other fey in this area.

"Nasty Fey"
Perlivash disapproves

Desnus 15
Perlivash poked my ear this morning and said that he’d found some “nasty fey” who needed to be given a smackdown. We followed his lead and tried to reason with them (as most fey are usually not looking for a fight), but Perlivash was quite correct as they attacked us immediately, unfortunately necessitating killing them all. We found some scribbled writings about attracting the favor of Nyrissa, though we don’t know what that’s about.


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