A short interlude
You meet all kinds of people out here

Pharast 6
In the morning, before we could head out, a cleric of Erastil, Jhod Kavken, arrived. He stated he’s felt a calling from his deity to come to the Green Belt, but is evasive when pressed for details, or even when asked about his past. After talking with him a bit, I remembered I’d heard his name before. He was nearly excommunicated for inciting a lynch mob to kill an alleged werewolf, but instead has been “exiled to the frontier.” I’ll keep that to myself until such a time as the information might be handy. Over dinner and drinks and Eran’s ready charm he finally revealed he’d been having a dream night after night of a glade with a crumbling statue of Erastil and a dangerous bear guarding it. He feels that he’s been led to find this glade and restore it. He gave us as much description as he could from his dream and asked us to let him know if we find it as he’s positive it is nearby.

Our quest begins!
A bit of a bandit problem

Pharast 1
In case anyone else reads this at some point, I’ll start by introducing myself. I’m Riani Orlovsky, lately of Skywatch in Brevoy. I’m one of a set of Aasimar triplets born to human parents. I have a brother named Eran who’s rather famous (infamous?!?) for getting around a lot in our misspent youth, and an identical twin Ilona. As aasimar, we’re quite long-lived by human standards and our parents died last year while we’re considered quite young yet. The Orlovsky cousins currently in power politely yet firmly requested that we seek glory and honor (read: not mess up the succession) for the Orlovsky name “somewhere else.”

Hearing that the Sword Lords of Restov were looking for adventurous lads and lasses to clear out some seedy bandits in the Stolen Lands, it looked like a good time to make ourselves scarce at home. While I finished up my cleric studies, Eran and Ilona asked around for locals who would be interested in joining us. By the time we were ready to go, we numbered 6; Eran, who’s an Oracle, Ilona, who’s been training as a Cavalier, Khismia, a quirky human summoner and sometimes training partner of Ilona’s, an elf ranger named Jiro Ocha, and his half-elf sorceress companion Breela Forgedawn (not a name you’d expect on a half-elf, I’ll have to ask her about it someday).

We traveled to Oleg’s Trading Post on the South Rostland Road and were met by Svetlana, Oleg’s wife. She’d been expecting (hoping!) some assistance from Restov to take care of a banditry problem, and we figured we may as well start clearing them out at Oleg’s. Seems a group of bandits has been stopping by each month to take anything not nailed down and Oleg and Svetlana are sick of it. The trading post is in severe disrepair, but we thought we’d be able to handle a half-dozen bandits even without the broken catapults and sturdy walls. Jiro managed to fix the gate enough to shut and our simple plan involved hiding in various outbuildings and ambushing them when they came in to load the wagon with Oleg’s trade goods.

Unfortunately, they left one of their number outside to watch the horses, but the rest came in. After they refused Ilona’s demand that they surrender, we dispatched their leader and two of his henchmen. The other 2 surrendered, but the one with the horses escaped. Ilona tried to chase him, but didn’t wish to hurt her horse and was forced to break off. The captured bandits were happy to tell us the location of their camp in exchange for amnesty (the penalty for banditry in this region is death) and we remitted them to Oleg’s custody in exchange for their vow to serve as manual laborers for him until such a time as he decided that they’d repaid their debt to society.

Over the next few days (we didn’t want to leave right away lest the bandits retaliate immediately) we helped Oleg repair the fort as best we could and exchanged news from the city for any information they had about the surrounding area. Turns out it’s pretty wild, mostly hunters and trappers and very few settled areas. The closest “neighbor” that Oleg and Svetlana have is a “crazy alchemist Bokken” who’s SE of the trading post. Oleg says he’s a great hand at making potions, just don’t expect a good conversation from him. Svetlana also asked us to pick up some Moon Radishes if we happened to find some on our way to or from the bandit camp as she has a stew she makes from them that she’d like to serve in celebration of help arriving. Oleg also told us that the bandit leader, an unpleasant woman named Kressle, took Svetlana’s wedding ring the first time she demanded tribute and he’d like us to get it back.

After resting a few days and helping repair the fort some more, we talked of heading to the bandit camp ourselves to put down the threat for good. During this time, a nobleman, Kesten Garess, appeared with a couple of retainers and said he’d been sent by the Sword Lords in response to Oleg’s request for help. I don’t know why they’d be sending a nobleman here, and he didn’t exactly look pleased to be here, but he seems competent enough, and was able to repair one of the broken catapults. He asked us to keep an eye out for a man named Falgrim Sneeg who’d robbed Garris’ group while working as a mercenary and fled to the Green Belt to become a bandit. Garris would like him captured alive if possible to face justice in Restov. With the trading post secure we finally felt confident leaving Oleg and Svetlana behind to try and clear out the bandit camp. We’ll leave in the morning.


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