So Bored!
Still sitting around in Isenfell

Erastus 8
Looks like Eran doesn’t intend for us to do any more adventuring this summer. I’m so bored of kingdom administration! Don’t get me wrong, it’s really nice to see the kingdom getting along so well, and expanding so quickly, but nothing beats a good fight for one’s life to get the blood pumping…

This month we’re expanding Isenfell with a cistern, barracks, shop, orphanage, and more housing. The city watch is enjoying their newer, more comfortable housing, and the increased efficiency of having their operations centralized. The cistern is nice insurance against a dry summer, which it’s not looking like it’ll be so far, but you never know.

Summer Solstice
A very naughty Perlivash

Sarenith 24
It’s been a busy month, and not just building things. Tatzlford now has a pier and library, and Isenfell has a shiny new shrine to Erastil (Jhod is ecstatic, though he’s still hoping to restore the old Temple of the Elk to its former glory), an herbalist, more housing, and a dump (sadly needed with how many people we have now).

Earlier in the month we celebrated Founder’s Day with a beautiful display of some gnomish invention called “fireworks.” Narthrople knew a guy who had created a special kind of powder that when ignited caused various bright colored lights to shoot out of a tube and light up the sky. The people loved it (and the free beer the local brewery put out)! I’d say it was quite a successful celebration. Perlivash has been pestering our small gnomish community ever since to teach him how to make the devices. I shudder to think of him near any kind of explosive powder, but I figure if the gnomes don’t blow themselves up making them, it can’t be that bad, right?

Perlivash is really enjoying all these human festivals. He felt too shy to properly enjoy them before now, but he’s gotten quite used to wandering around the city with or without me (it helps that he can be invisible at will) and he wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Turns out he immediately saw all the fun he could have with his tricks and a bunch of people who’d been imbibing free alcoholic beverages all day… I’ve had to return quite a few trinkets that he’s “liberated” from people too drunk to notice their absence and while I’ve explained many times the concept of “personal property,” I don’t really think he cares. I’m inclined to just let him have his fun, or perhaps just set him to harassing Ilona and Eran directly and I’ll claim complete innocence about his activities…

Tatzlford Grows Quickly
Itching to get back on the road again

Desnus 15
Tatzlford continues to have quite explosive growth. We’ve had to build more housing, and an herbalist to deal with the rising population. They also liked our park in Isenfell so much that they’ve built one of their own. Melianse mellowed to the encroachment of civilization when Tatzlford sent a very respectful delegation to meet her and clearly define the boundaries of her grove and protected lands. They’ve assured her that her needs will be looked after just as though she were any citizen of the nearby town.

We’ve also improved Isenfell’s defenses with the addition of more city walls, which the people in the capital were delighted with. I think we’d now be able to hold off pretty much any creature or bandit attack even if we’re not in residence at the time (not stupid flying green dragons though, have to think of a solution in case that one comes back).

Planting Time
A lovely early spring

Gozran 19
It’s been a very pleasant spring, so we’re pretty much done getting the crops put in. Normally we’d still be waiting on the snow to clear up, but it’s been so warm and lovely and unseasonal. Perlivash has been delighting in all the “shinies” uncovered by the spring thaw that I’ve had to add more space for his “lair.”

We’ve still been busy building up Tatzlford, and have added a stable and a graveyard as well as more housing and some long-neglected defenses in the form of city walls (we added walls in Isenfell a few months ago and I think the settlers in Tatzlford have had wall-envy ever since!). We’ve also not been neglecting our kingdom growth and our diligent crews have been out clearing new fields, erecting new mines and building the roads to connect them all. The work is so much less onerous in this weather than over the winter…

Spring Time
Our first seasonal festival

Pharast 22
Wow, slept kind of late today. We were up until all hours celebrating spring. And fertility, and stuff… I think I won’t put in any details, lest they incriminate me, or Ilona needs more blackmail material. Though I certainly can’t say where she was sleeping last night either…

I must say, the new temple to Calistria (and the voluptuous priestesses employed there) were quite popular with celebrants. We’ve also installed the new magical streetlamps, and I think they look quite beautiful at night all lit up. Tatzlford also got some upgrades this month with a dance hall and tannery. I heard that the dance hall was well broken-in last night as well. It’s nice not having to be so serious all the time, and I’m glad the weather is warming up again. Soon it’ll be time for the spring planting.

Party time!
A festival of love

Calistril 27
Tatzlford has been improved by a brewery and tavern, and continues to grow steadily. We’ve put in a new mine and farm, and claimed Melianse’s land so we can officially protect her grove. Eran’s raised our “propaganda” budget, so we’ve got more people who’re officially trying to lure new settlers into moving here.

I hadn’t noticed anymore incidents, but Garess reports that there’s a perceived uptick in crimes at night and he requested that we install magical streetlights in all districts in Isenfell. The request seemed doable, so Eran sent out work requests immediately.

We also received a Calistrian priestess, quite a beautiful human woman, named Ahlissa Anoriel, who requested that we build a temple to Calistria in Isenfell. Her home temple is willing to pay half of the construction costs. We saw no harm in encouraging religious diversity as long as they don’t encourage the vengeance side of her portfolio, so work orders were also put out to begin work on that. It’s also nice to have another high level cleric in town, though she and Jhod are certainly likely to disagree on quite a few things.

The New Year
More expansion

Abadius 13
We’ve claimed Bokken’s home ground and the moon radishes in the name of Baron Orlovsky, oh glorious day! We just got back from opening the new foundry and smithy in Tatzlford. The people of Tatzlford are quite pleased with the progress of their infrastructure and flattered that we came in person to oversee it. Eran also decreed that we would now sponsor 6 holidays a year, so we’re scheduling events for each equinox and solstice as well as our current holiday in Calistril and adding a new Founder’s Day in Sarenith to celebrate our kingdom’s birthday. This year, I made sure to bar my chamber doors while praying and fasting lest certain people repeat the pranks of last year…

The People Rejoice
Peace in our time

Kuthona 23
Our people have been so happy that the owlbear was so swiftly dealt with that we’ve been experiencing a bit of an economic boom. There’s been renewed vigor in rebuilding the areas damaged in its attack, as well as in improving Tatzlford. We’ve built them a watchtower and a town hall as well as claimed more land for the kingdom as a whole. Seamus reported that he’d found a small group of bandits in the north who’d come to prey on our people, but his wardens dealt with them quite swiftly and decisively and they’ll no longer trouble us. Other than that, it’s been a pretty quiet month. Winter settles in and I don’t think we plan to do much adventuring for a few months until there’s better weather.

A Mercenary Force
Are our nobles who they say they are?

Neth 15
We’ve added an inn and granary in Tatzlford, which pleases the merchant crowd there immensely. More comfortable quarters and better storage make for better trading for everyone involved. For the last couple weeks, Kestin and Seamus have been concerned about reports from Tatzlford (they have carrier pigeons) of a band of mercenaries moving toward Isenfell from the west. They’ve been acting civilly, but won’t state their intentions until they talk to us. They arrived yesterday and scheduled an audience for this afternoon, so I’ll write more later…

Later that day
The company of thirty men, and their leader, Artis Greentree, are from Daggermark, a neighboring kingdom (one quite a ways from here). They bring with them a wanted poster with the seal of the royal house of Daggermark for a Margaul family. Greentree believes that our Gaulus family is one and the same as he’s been tracking them for hundreds of miles and has pictures and everything. Looking at his drawings, it’s quite clear that they’re one and the same. After asking Greentree to take a day or two relaxing in Isenfell while we looked into the matter, we immediately requested the head of the Gaulus family present himself at the palace.

After we explained the matter to him, he admitted that he was indeed formerly a Margaul, but was guilty of no wrongdoing. He suggested we even subject him to a Zone of Truth (which we did), and everything he said was true. The government of Daggermark is apparently rather inconstant, suffering many coups and upsets. He got on the bad side of the current ruling house and the new rulers apparently wanted revenge so badly that they were willing to set a not insubstantial bounty on the heads of the Margaul family. With the veracity of his tale proven, we assured him that as they were citizens of good standing in our kingdom and had broken no laws either here or in Daggermark, we would protect them from the mercenaries currently hunting them as well as do our best to extend such protection from future groups seeking them. Gaulus was quite relieved that at last they had a land to call home (they’d been forced to move repeatedly to stay ahead of the bounty hunters), and apologized for not letting us know the whole truth previously.

We met again with Greentree (he was quite anxious for an answer) and informed him that we would not allow him to return with the Margaul family. He was understandably upset as his company had endured a very long trek to get here and the money offered was a large sum. We were quite firm, even when he offered to split the bounty with us. We invited his men to take their leisure in our city for a few days and then to seek their fortune elsewhere, perhaps investigating the wilds of Lord Varn’s land nearby (as they were uninterested in employment in work so “boring” as a standing army or patrollers for Seamus’ crew).

Lots of Work to Do
Rebuilding from the owlbear

Lamashan 29
Haven’t written for awhile as we’ve been very busy helping rebuild the industries, houses and farm destroyed in the owlbear rampage. We figured it would be good for our image to help personally, not to mention, we can enhance ourselves magically to make the work go faster. We just finished getting everything back in order yesterday, so I’m taking a break today to write this and play with Perlivash. I found some pretty quartz crystals while we were cleaning up the farm that I’ve been saving to give to him as he’s especially fond of them.


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