Yep, It's a Portal
I love a forced march

Arodus 24
Well, today has been quite exhausting. We force marched a couple of days to get to the site of the portal, resting so we’d be an easy walk from it this morning. Once we were about 10 miles away we could see a yellowish vapor rising from the area. Scouting revealed a somewhat concealed large cave entrance with a dretch guarding it. We cast some long-running buff spells and then Karaglen strafed the cave entrance to clear it for our attack. Inside the cave we encountered a ten-foot tall “man” in heavy armor. Well, we were pretty sure it wasn’t really a human because of the height, but we decided to talk rather than attack right away. This individual claimed to have killed Vordecai when the lich tried to enlist his help to destroy us. As proof he offered Vordecai’s head, ewww. Despite the good news of Vordecai’s demise, we still had a demon portal to close and this “man” wasn’t exactly being forthcoming about that, so I cast a spell of true seeing on Ilona who yelled out that the being was in fact a rather large demon.

The demon, knowing that we were now hostile, reversed the gravity at the cave entrance, making those of us without featherfall “plummet” to the ceiling. Khismia casts haste and Jiro and Khismia charge at the demon (as best as one can charge while falling, floating or running along a ceiling…). At this point the demon pulled out an old nemesis of ours, a spell causing confusion which affected Jiro and the eidolon. While the eidolon stood there doing nothing, Khismia dismounted and continued on to engage another demonic companion of the main guy, a spidery looking thing that I think was a bebolith. Breela hit the second bebolith with an enervate ray. I attempted to dimensional anchor the main demon, but my spell bounced off its innate spell resistance. The demon moved toward Khismia to attack and dropped his disguise, revealing a huge glabrezu! Eran manages to fix the confusion on the eidolon and Jiro, but the spell he uses prevents them from taking violent actions, so they aren’t particularly useful despite not being confused anymore. The bebolith with Khismia does some strange combat maneuver which removes her armor and then her skin starts looking like it’s starting to rot. That can’t be good! Growing anxious about our chances of beating this high-level demon, I call upon Abadar to help us and attempt a new spell I’ve just learned. As my dismissal spell hits the glabrezu, he failed to make his will save and my spell managed to penetrate his spell resistance, sending him back to his foul plane! With their leader vanquished, the beboliths prove no match for our combat prowess and we’re soon the sole inhabitants of the cavern.

A search rapidly reveals a small crystal spere with a pinpoint of flickering light inside which is balanced on a pedestal. Around it is a symbol on the floor which exactly matches that which used to be etched into the floor in Vordecai’s Lair. Deciding that this is too dangerous to mess with without more information, I cast a divination spell and determine that we can simply scratch out the circle (safely) and that the sphere can be destroyed, but we lack the tools needed on-hand. It can be safely transported, so we put it into one of our portable holes for safe-keeping until we can determine the proper way to dispose of it. Inside the cave we also found the long-dead corpse of a silver dragon, partially melted by acid, so most likely killed by a black dragon. This is assuredly Karaglen’s friend she wished us to watch out for, and when told of her demise, Karaglen was all set to head out immediately looking for revenge. More communion revealed that the murderer wasn’t anywhere within one hundred miles of this place, which settled her down for the time being, though she wasn’t happy. We’ll teleport back to Isenfell to seek the answers we need to destroy this orb in the morning. I must rest before I can teleport us again, and that’s certainly preferable to walking all that way.

A Portal to the Abyss
More troubling developments

Arodus 21
This morning during our council meeting, Evelyth burst in in full arms and armor saying that it was necessary that we leave at once for an area in the Tors of Levenies where there’s apparently a new portal to the Abyss open which should be closed as soon as possible. That’s a problem!

Lucky Eran gets an offer of a ride on Karaglen with Evelyth while the rest of us make preparations to meet them at the Vordecai’s tower via teleport spells. While waiting for Karaglen and her passengers to arrive, we have plenty of time to decide that we’ve no ideas at all what could have caused the tower to be broken. There are no obvious scorch marks or other blast damage indications, so we’re going to go with magic as the cause for now. After several hours, Eran and Evelyth arrive. In the time they’ve taken to fly to join us she’s been able to divine that it is a random portal rather than intentionally opened. That’s a small favor as it means it’s probably not been opened to allow a massive army though, but will still be a giant glowing beacon to any abbysal denizens that wander near it. Same mission, close the portal… While the rest of us poor sods have to hoof it to the portal site through the mountains, my brother will continue to ride in style, claiming he’s just “scouting” rather than flirting with Evelyth. I’m sure Ilona can come up with a suitable revenge when we get back to Isenfell…

And Trouble Returns
A strange blast is heard

Arodus 19
We’ve been working to bring Vygon up to speed in our kingdom with a town hall, jail, barracks and graveyard. Tatzlford also received a shrine to Erastil. Oleg announced that “that girl” was now ready to take over his job as treasurer, so Celeste Gaulus has now joined our ruling council. She’s the Gaulus family’s eldest daughter, and must be quite capable to have won over Oleg. Oleg and Svetlana have set off for Brevoy to be near her family with their new baby, and will hopefully have a swift and uneventful trip. Ilona organized a grand farewell party beforehand, of course!

We received a messenger from Varnhold a couple days ago who reported a disturbingly large blast south-southwest of them (approximately where Vordecai’s stronghold used to be). We sent out some reliable scouts who’ve now gotten back with us through sending spells to report that his tower appears to be seemingly cut in half with the top 200 feet gone, fallen into the river. We’ll probably want to check this out personally.

Varnhold Safely Resettled
Here's hoping they have dull and boring lives from here on out

Erastus 18
We’ve safely returned the remaining citizens of Varnhold to their village and they’ve started cleaning up the damage from the months of neglect as well as erecting grave markers for their slain citizens. There are no signs that the spriggans have returned at least. While we were assisting with some heavy lifting earlier today, an emmisary from the centaurs arrived requesting an audience with us. After getting cleaned up, Eran and Breela and I received them (and left our stronger companions to all the work, heh) outside of town as the centaurs and Varnhold citizens are still none too friendly. With our rescue of their matriarch’s daughter and the subsequent removal of Vordecai, the centaurs are now interested in a peace treaty with us. Their only request is that they maintain autonomy and retain possession of the grounds which they already claim (basically a large ring of land surrounding their main settlement). They were amenable to Eran’s request to build roads through some of these lands and agreed that travelers on these roads were to be left unmolested, so we now have a treaty with the Nomen! I believe the Sword Lords will be pleased

Vordecai's Doom
We found the dungeon boss!

Erastus 16
We headed down a hewn passageway to discover 2 doors. The left led to crypts where we found the body of a middle-aged ulfen man, who we think is formerly the ranger from Varnhold. We check the other set of doors as well, but since they lead to an enormous room we shut them again and continue exploring the crypts. The room is filthy and full of cyclops-sized sarcophagi (big surprise there!). While we’re split up checking out the various alcoves, a spectre, looking suspiciously like the dead ranger, attacks Jiro from the wall. It wasn’t hard to slay, but it certainly did a lot of damage in negative energy damage that we’re not particularly well-equipped to remove right now. We took off the worst of it with what diamond dust Eran thought to bring with him and the rest of the party just had to deal with it for now.

Once the crypts had been exhausted for amusement, we came upon a large room, obviously intended for dining, however, we found we had no appetite as seated around the enormous table were thirty-three of Varnhold’s former residents, all missing the tops of their heads and brains. Seated at the head of the table was Lord Varn himself, equally defiled. While we were taking in the horrifying sight, we were attacked by four cyclops zombies which we destroyed without mercy.

Leading up from the gruesome feast was a wide staircase which opened up onto a balcony overlooking the hall and a door to the south where we headed next. Through a series of cyclops-sized hallways and stairs we came to an octagonal chamber with slabs of opaque white crystal on the ceiling in the form of an eye looking down onto a circle on the floor, which when viewed with a detect magic spell showed an overwhelming aura of conjuration and divination. Not having lived this long by being stupid, we went around the circle rather than experiment with it.

The doorway from that room led to a hallway that sloped downward and smelled strongly of sulfur. Expecting another tar pit or similar environment, we proceeded cautiously into the next room only to find a pool in the center with a channel that ran under another set of large ornate bronze doors. And then some kind of humongous water elemental rose out of the pool to attack us! While distracted dealing with the elemental, our piscodemon nemesis chose to reappear and cast a couple stinking clouds just to spice things up, then telelported away again before we could deal more decisively with him. With the piscodemon gone again, the water elemental dies under the flurry of Jiro, Ilona and Khismia’s blows.

Having no way to unlock the bronze doors, Jiro and Ilona set to bashing them in. As soon as they swing open, we have time to note we’ve found Vordecai, and he lets us know he’s been expecting us by hurling a fireball into our midst. The piscodemon also joins in with another stinking cloud. Eran and I work on dispelling the cloud and healing up the damage which Jiro apparently decides is taking too long as he heads into the room on his own. Unfortunately, it becomes obvious quite quickly that Jiro’s been charmed as he docilely walks over to be touched (and paralyzed) by Vordecai rather than charging in aggressively as is more his wont. Also unfortunately, Vordecai has a truly immense undead cyclops with him wearing massive armor and quite well armed. This monster cyclops moves to flank Jiro, so Ilona is forced to abandon caution and rushes in to aid Jiro by engaging the armored beast. Khismia moves to assist as well, but redirects her attacks when the piscodemon appears in her way. Happily, that turns out to have been a tactical error on his part as Khismia and her eidolon crush the life out of it.

With Jiro paralyzed though, he is a helpless target and we were shocked when the armored cyclops ignored Ilona’s attempts to distract him and performed a coup de grace on Jiro, dropping him to the floor. Knowing haste was needed, I grabbed Eran’s hand and cast dimension door to put him within range to immediately breathe life back into Jiro, though our canny ranger wisely played dead until the armored cyclops was otherwise engaged. Ilona and Khismia move in to do just that but Vordecai, the dirty rotten cheater, dim doors with his warrior near the doorway where Breela’s been harassing them with spells and threatens her instead. Vordecai casts displacement on his cyclops bodyguard, but I have a counter for that and cast true seeing on Ilona who charges in and finishes off the armored monster. Jiro moves back in to re-engage Vordecai again, but again gets paralyzed by his touch. I cast a freedom of movement spell on him to temporarily negate the effects figuring I could remove the paralysis for good once he was no longer getting paralyzed. Oddly enough, that’s when Vordecai grabbed the armor of his fallen companion (the body had disappeared) and then walked off to stand near the pit in the center of the room (where he could only be engaged in melee from one side). Ilona moved in to continue fighting him, but no one else could reach. He ignores Ilona and heads to the altar in the corner of the room, rummages around quickly and then teleports away. We’re assuming he grabbed his phylactery.

We’ll call this one a tentative victory, for while we’ve driven him from his lair, he’s still out there to take revenge. After he left we were free to search his lair and discovered a couple hundred soul jars, which when broken, turned out to contain the remnants of the citizens of Varnhold. Learning that their leader was dead and that we’d rescued them from the vindictive lich, they swore allegiance to our kingdom and asked that we extend our protection and rulership to their lands. While the others looted what valuables they could from Vordecai’s coffers, Eran and I performed burial rites for the dead with the rescued villagers’ assistance. We’ll escort them back to Varnhold in the morning. While I don’t like staying here overnight, we’re all pretty tired and the villagers are rather stunned by their ordeal.

Onward and Upward
A tar pit?!?

Later on Erastus 15
We continued into the secret door in the shrine room where we found a long hallway opening into a large room lined with burial alcoves and crumbling pottery. We were not at all surprised when more soul-sucking undead descended on Jiro, Breela and Khismia, but Eran smote them with positive energy and they were forced to dissipate. Another hallway led us to a door into a small room covered with frescos which looked like something that our cyclopian historian, Tamerak Elenark, would find fascinating to study, and figuring he’d rather not trek here himself, Breela obligingly made a copy of them with prestidigitation. We proceeded through the door in the fresco room to another room with a statue and a locked secret door. Lacking anyone that could disable the locking mechanism, Jiro went with the direct approach of smashing it with a hammer! Unfortunately, the builder was wise to the ways of adventurers and after his first swing the facade crumbled away revealing the door to actually be made of adamantium. Not sure we’d be able to smash our way through we decided to try another route we’d passed earlier.

In our new path, however, was a large tarry pit complete with heavy sulfur smell and stalactites hanging down from the ceiling. This room held a secret door down by the “water line,” as well as a normal door across from the pit and a ledge that once looked to be the support for a bridge which was no longer present. While figuring out how to get across this passage, we were attacked by a flying undead spellcaster, unkindly throwing fireballs into our midst! Return fire of the same variety had no effect, nor did arrows. Eran and I started dispelling his protection spells while Khismia decided to head off on her own with her winged eidolon. Unfortunately, the cavern was fairly low-ceilinged, leaving the eidolon flying near the tar, and Khismia discovered there were undead lurking in it when hands reached up and snagged the eidolon and started dragging it down with her still on it. Meanwhile, Eran and I had finished removing the relevant protective spells on the lich and Jiro and Breela and Ilona finished it off. Khismia made it safely to the ledge and apparently the undead in the tar had been summoned or controlled by the lich as they didn’t bother us while the rest of us crossed. We headed through the secret door and found a passageway sloping up that led to a ledge overlooking the lake. After some dimension door spells we were all safely on the ground again outside. We conferred with Xamanthe and she assured us that she’d have no problems getting back to her settlement (barring interference from Vordecai, obviously) alone, so we wished her luck and set up camp a ways away from the tower for the night.

Into the Lich's Lair
Or so we presume

Later on the 15th of Erastus
Once the others were done looting the wyvern lair we set out for the fortress. Jiro scouted ahead a bit and reported back that he’d found three sets of tracks heading in – two human and one centaur with the human tracks being much older. The entrance to the fortress was a spooky dark tunnel, but it didn’t remain so for long as dozens of torches sprang to life as we entered, which Khismia appreciated with her inferior human eyes. We headed into the lair, trying to watch for obvious traps, though none of us is really trained for that.

We came upon an arch with an alcove inscribed with alarm ruins which had been discharged. The remains of an amphora lay on the ground in front of it, and searching the rubble strewn about we found a jade bracelet which could have been the twin of the one we saw inscribed in the scholar’s notes in Varnhold. The two sets of human tracks turned back at this point, showing a pretty damning story of the grave robbing which most likely awoke the lich to wreak havoc on the citizens of Varnhold. The passageway onward appeared to have been sealed once, but had been smashed out from the inside. The centaur tracks continued deeper inside, and so did we.

We continued to explore, finding nothing but dead ends and artwork depicting cyclops oppressing many types of lesser humanoids. Cheery decor if you’re a cyclops, I’m sure. Finding no evidence of a tomb, we suspected there might be a secret door somewhere, so enacted a spell to find such things. While we were hunting for a door, Jiro carefully examined the centaur’s tracks, finding that they stopped in the center of the larger room in the center of the passageway, and disappeared, after what he thinks was some kind of struggle. It looks like she was rendered unconscious (hopefully not dead) as Jiro indicated she’d been dragged off down one of the hallways (hard to hide evidence when you’re dragging a centaur…).

At the end of that same corridor, while facing a masonry wall, we got a positive return on our spell to detect secret doors, though the spell indicated the door was behind the wall somewhere. While Khismia, Breela and I guarded their flank in the larger room, Jiro and Ilona started dismantling the wall with heavy blows. They must have triggered another alarm of some sort though as next thing I knew the ceiling was partially collapsing, showering Khismia and I with heavy rubble and as we dived out of the way, a stone golem dropped from the ceiling to land between us! Oh my, are they annoying! Breela, having encountered such beings in her studies, knew that she couldn’t affect it with her spells, so she backed off down the corridor everyone else was in. I backed away from the golem while channeling healing to Khismia and her eidolon, hoping that Jiro and Ilona would distract it in time for Khismia to crawl away alive. Jiro, earthbreaker already in hand from smashing the wall, roared in to challenge the golem, Ilona only a step behind! Despite it’s immensely hard skin, they were eventually able to damage it enough that it fell to the ground, inert.

With that distraction dealt with, Jiro was able to finish demolishing the wall hiding our secret door. Once opened, the air inside smelled strongly of water. After going in only a short distance, it became obvious why as the path continued down a flight of stairs into the water. The water was quite murky, so rather than all troop down into it with no idea how far we’d have to go or how deep it might be, I cast freedom of movement on Ilona and she quaffed one of the water breathing potions we’d found in Varnhold. We sent her with a rope to secure somewhere on the other side (should she find something suitable) since some of us are atrocious at swimming and we don’t have enough water breathing potions to go around. Very soon after she disappeared under the water our line to her snapped. Having felt none of the pre-arranged tugs we’d set up, we presumed she was in trouble and sent Jiro in after her with freedom of movement as well. He insisted he could hold his breath just fine, so off he went. About a minute later they both splashed back out of the pool claiming to have slain some kind of weird lake monster which neither had seen the likes of before. It had snuck up behind Ilona in the murk and apparently bitten her rope in two! Ilona headed back into the pool to continue her mission to find out where our path continued.

Soon afterward she came upon another set of stairs leading out of the pool into a room filled with ancient pottery jars where she was able to secure the rope and we could rejoin her. The jars were all crumbling with age and didn’t seem to contain anything of interest, so we continued on. The path continued on to a set of impressive bronze doors flanked by alcoves containing cyclops statues. Being suspicious adventurers, we smashed one to be sure it was really a statue and not something like a stone golem lying in wait. Since it didn’t animate while being smashed we headed onward through the passageway until we came to a portcullis in the ceiling. Assuming it would eventually close behind us when we inevitably set off the trap trigger associated with it, we all stuck together and made sure we’d be on the same side when it closed. The room after the portcullis appeared to be a dead end, but having seen no other side passageways, we were pretty sure there was a secret door. Careful searching bore fruit as we found it and opened it to reveal a passageway with another portcullis descending from the trap trigger we’d activated. Behind us we heard the one we’d passed crash into place and the holes we’d noticed earlier in the room behind us started firing arrows while vents opened up to allow water to start flooding the room. Fortunately, we’re not without magical resources, and I called upon Abadar to give us safe passage while we linked hands and teleported to the other side of the new portcullis, neatly slipping out of the lich’s trap.

We came to another set of huge bronze doors which lead into a room with murals depicting a sinister boat and ferryman and a shrine with burning lamps. I wrack my brains to remember my Evil Religions 101 class and come up with the answer. It’s a shrine to Charon, the horseman of death and the lamps have something to do with sealing the doors, but I can’t recall what exactly. The doors currently aren’t locked, so we leave the lamps alone, but when we open one, the lamp flame turns blue and we’re dealt both physical and wisdom damage (to the more weak-willed among us that is).

Not wanting to remain longer, we head through the open door only to be confronted with a piscodemon. It challenged us civilly enough, but Ilona was disinclined to converse with such an evil being and instead stated our intention to destroy it utterly. Before she could make good on her threat though, it vanished. A spell to purge invisibility failed to reveal it’s whereabouts, so it must have innate teleportation spells. Those who’d already charged into the demons room felt like they were being watched, so Ilona let loose a burst of daylight, revealing one of the soul-sucker creatures we’d encountered awhile back that had given Breela such a hard time. At last, something to attack! Unfortunately, it didn’t really want to be attacked, and being in a room with a high ceiling it took advantage by flying out of reach of melee weapons, leaving Breela with her spells and the occasional crossbow bolt or arrow to damage it. Meanwhile, the demon reappeared in the rear to cast a stinking cloud in the middle of those of us still in the hallway. Not wanting to remain in the cloud, we crowded into the shade’s room where the demon cast another cloud. sigh With nowhere else to go, and the demon ahead of us in the hallway out of the room, Jiro charged off after it with the rest of us following (the soul-sucker seemed stymied by the cover the cloud provided us, and ceased attacking, or left, couldn’t tell which with the cloud blocking our sight of it). Jiro got a few swings on the demon while it apparently waited for us to group up again and cast a third cloud! Then it disappeared again! Eran and I pushed onward into the little room at the end of the hallway to discover our missing centaur lass, somewhat the worse for wear, but at least chained outside of the new stinking cloud. We healed her up, released her bonds, dispelled the newest cloud to give ourselves some space and then set about explaining who we were.

She’d come in exploring, set off some alarm spells and been beaten up by the golem (as we’d suspected). She said a teleporting cyclops with a glowing gem for an eye had brought her to this room and confined her with nothing but subsistence food and occasional taunts. She didn’t know why he was keeping her alive. Having exhausted this set of passageways, we set off back the way we’d come with spells to detect secret doors active again, assuming we must have missed some other way to go. We’ve made our way back to the Charon shrine room where we hit a positive return on the spell. We’re taking a short break to eat and repair some damage. For the time being, we’ll keep Xamanthe with us, though in case we run into trouble before we find another way out we’ve equipped her and Khismia with rings of featherfall and our contingency is that Khismia will grab her and dimension door her straight up out of the fortress to float to safety and we’ll meet up later. Xamanthe seems less than thrilled with this plan…

The Valley of the Dead
Or the Valley of the mostly Dead with friends

Erastus 15
We arrived at the entrance to the Valley and found it wide and secluded. The centaurs had posted many skulls on poles to warn people off, but we continued on. Farther in we found many cyclopian gravestones and eventually came to what appeared to be a sheer rock wall, but upon closer examination it contained a set of stairs set deep into the sheer face. That path continued upward for miles! Once we arrived at the top and it opened up a bit we were a bit surprised to find a welcoming committee of a pair of zombie cyclops. Fortunately, they don’t hit as hard as their horned, living brethren, so they weren’t too much trouble. Once we could look about undisturbed, we could admire the river, lovely waterfall, and 100 foot tall limestone pillar which was clearly serving as a fortress for the nuisance we’d come to root out (think positive, right?).

Being the proud owners (borrowers?) of a folding boat, we proceeded to unfold it to cross over to Vordecai’s Island with the eidolon sprouting wings and keeping up in the air. Sadly, our magical boat isn’t magically powered, but still requires us to row! Once we were out a ways, we were startled to see some winged shapes descend on the eidolon and start stinging it and shredding it with claws. We’d apparently missed noticing that there were wyverns roosting in the cliff wall near the waterfall and they were planning to take advantage of our rather tenuous position on a boat in the middle of a wide section of the river. So unsporting! Our ranged attacks certainly aren’t our strongest, so it took a lot of shots to whittle them down. By the time we eliminated them, the eidolon was barely hanging on with all of the poison coursing through it, and Khismia has jumped in the water to be with it while it took refuge there from the aerial attacks. Fortunately, we did defeat them and Eran and I had several spells ready to neutralize their poison. After some careful scrutiny we managed to locate their lair on the cliff face and Eran, Breela, Khismia and Jiro have ported up there to search it while Ilona and I watch the horses (and I write in my journal).

A Messager from the Centaurs
And more bookkeeping

Erastus 9
We arrived back in Isenfell without incident and found a delegation from Tatzlford awaiting an audience. They feel that their logging industry has developed to the point that they can not only provide quality building materials, but they also wish to employ an artisan woodworker who can make more decorative items from the fine lumber they are processing. Eran thought the request reasonable and has commissioned a proper workshop to be built and sent word to Restov to locate an artisan willing to relocate. We’ve already built him or her a house (including room for apprentices) in Tatzlford in anticipation.

The citizens of Vygon felt that it was difficult to celebrate festivals without a central meeting place, so we’ve started building a dance hall there. Our dwarven brewers have also sent a contingent up there to start an offshoot brewery. With it growing so fast, we’ve built a watchtower to assist the guardsmen assigned there.

We were only a couple days out heading back to explore when a messenger bird located us. The message originated from Aecora Silverfire, leader of the Nomen centaur. She pleaded for our assistance in finding her willful daughter, Xamanthe, who had always been curious about the Valley of the Dead, but until now had respected the centaur’s taboo about going there. Wanting to solve the Nomen problem peacefully and suspecting this would help our cause immensely, we set off for the Valley of the Dead right away. I’ll write more once we get there.

Evil Fey, How Quaint
The mystery of the stone solved

Sarenith 20
It took some time to get up near the stone with all of the backtracking to get around very annoying chasms. We can only dimension door across so many of them… Anyway, on our way to the Ghost Stone we all heard a whispering voice, but I was the only one able to understand it as it was speaking in Aklo. It was asking for help, so we stopped to converse with the being it belonged to, a strange spider with the face of a woman, named Zzamas. Breela later said she thought it was a phase spider. She asked if we were going to the ghost stone and when we confirmed that we were, she asked for assistance in reclaiming her home (the stone) from an invading army of xill (which Breela knew to have an evil bent). We agreed in exchange for knowledge of the ghost stone’s purpose and history, which she provided.

The stone was once a portal to the Ethereal Plane, and though it no longer works, the borders between planes are weak there, and so it glows at night. She cautions us that the xill can attack us from the ethereal, though they cannot return there as rapidly. She also tells us that they only come through around midnight, so we’ll have to stay up for them, and that they have a paralyzing attack. Not wanting to waste another night waiting on them, we head there immediately, and just hope that their paralyzing attack can be shrugged off (since we don’t have the appropriate spells memorized).

We “just happen” to be waiting around the stone when the xill popped into our plane right on schedule. There were six of them, but as we’d hoped, we were able to shrug off their paralytic attack and slay them easily. Zzamas thanked us and gave us a treasured weapon she’d been in possession of for a long time. We gratefully headed off to our bedrolls.


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