Expanding Our Reach
Annexing Fort Drelev

Rova 6
Wow, haven’t updated in awhile, here’s the short version:

After two more weeks exploring the wilds around Armag’s tomb we determined that the threat of invasion was ended and headed back to Fort Drelev, fully expecting to find that the naga had been up to all kinds of mischief while we were out, but instead she was nowhere to be seen. Lord Numesti had no answer for us as she’d just left one night unannounced. With our triumphal return, Lord Numesti also formally requested to join our kingdom, which we’ve acquiesced to and renamed Fort Drelev to Brightmoor, a change heartily applauded by its weary citizens. We’ve fixed up the broken down buildings, put in walls and upgraded their very bad housing conditions. We’ve also added a brewery, which met with much rejoicing! The troops we had stationed outside got moved inside as a permanent garrison. Rechnoye got a few upgrades as well with their shrine to Abadar getting improved to a temple and a new shrine to Erastil being erected.

We received a message while we’d been gone saying “Rebel army destroyed, Surtovan army reinforced beyond what was expected. Lord Garess dead, Lord Medvyed captured, injured, executed.” According to Lily, this should not be possible, Brevoy simply shouldn’t have the military resources to pull that off. A quick sending to Poul let us know that while Surtova can’t conquer Skywatch this season it’ll be inevitable next spring, so he’s planning to surrender. Poul told us the troops seem human, but not from around Brevoy though they used House Surtova banners. They could possibly be Varisian mercenaries based on appearance and accent, which would be very strange as Varisia is at least a thousand miles away.

In completely frivolous news (the best kind, according to Perlivash, who seems to have a nose for such things), the mayor of Olegton, Dane Cooperson, has left his wife for a much younger woman, causing quite the scandal locally.

Further Up and Further In
Just how big a tomb does Armag need?

Arodus 13
After a restful night we were now ready for whatever else the tomb had to throw at us. Easily getting past the rooms we were now familiar with we arrived back at the same mist-filled hallway, only this time it was free of demons. The next room we came to had a shiny metal floor and scuffed walls, leading us to believe there might be a trap. Khismia tucked away her eidolon to summon an expendable earth elemental (poor little elementals, such a short lifespan doing Khismia’s work) which walked out onto the shiny floor and immediately flipped the floor over while it dropped into a pit trap below. Clever! The rest of us were fine dimension door-ing across, but Khismia swore she saw something glinting down in the spikes below so she flew down on her eidolon to check it out before we moved on.

We found a room with rock pillars which Eran connected with walls of stone while the rest of us dealt with the swarms of ants attacking us. After preventing that trap from triggering (ceiling collapsing?) we smashed through the next door to find a four-way passage with darkness. Eran tossed lighted javelins down the various passageways to explore and we decided to head down a set of stairs decorated with symbols of Gorum and culminating in an arcanely locked door. After smashing through that obstacle, we found a chamber that had to be sixty feet across with a large statue of Gorum and four columns holding up the ceiling and another door. As we half expected, touching the door animated the statue, leading us into fighting an iron golem (definitely not Breela’s cup of tea!). The iron golem breathed acid on us, poisoning Breela and Khismia and nearly killing Khismia. Once it was dead, or seemed to be, one of the columns exploded and the golem got back up again. Great! For round two we focused on destroying the now-obviously not load-bearing columns to hopefully not have to fight the golem through five lives. After much smashing of both golem and pillars the final count was golem 1 (Khismia, but Eran scraped her back up), us 1. Since the golem stayed down we called it a win.

Going through the doors led us to some stairs going down into a natural cavern with a really big column and a door in the northeast corner. Breela pointed out a shadowy figure lurking in the stalactites, the skeletal remains of a human tied to the ceiling. The next hallway was filled with bodies which immediately animated and then fell right back down again when Eran and I channeled positive energy at them. We came to a set of ornate double doors with a knocker, so we knocked, quite politely, and the doors opened for us. The new room was a very large chamber filled with fountains of maidens, carved columns and a large statue of Gorum. There was also a welcoming committee of barbarians and more barbarian skeletons. Oddly enough, these didn’t attack immediately as one of them stated, “Supplicants, I bid you welcome.” He asked us to prove ourselves worthy to enter the inner sanctum of Gorum and introduced himself as Zorek, a high priest of Gorum. When asked what will prove our worth he looked disappointed and said we should know what needs to be done. Ilona stepped forward and attempted to intimidate them into letting us continue. While they looked impressed, it obviously wasn’t enough (or wasn’t what they thought we needed to do) as they attacked us.

After a massive melee, we mopped up the last of the opposing team and moved on to the now-open door where we faced the barbarian claiming to be Armag himself (and his high priest, who’d fled the previous room to join him here). Ilona steps forward to challenge him in single combat, a move he seemed quite pleased about, and got handily defeated. He then demanded we take our fallen comrade and depart. As we moved to heal Ilona back up, Khismia had obviously had enough of waiting and charged in on the high priest, and proceeded to fall to Armag’s blade in just a few seconds. Hadn’t she just watched Ilona get defeated just as handily? Oh those impetuous humans! Or maybe it’s just Khismia, I’m not sure.

With Khismia having decided we’re going to fight, right now, we make the best of it. I dimension door the rest of us up to the front of the chamber, next to Armag and his healer while Eran patched up Ilona and now Khismia. An epic battle ensued, ending with a fiendish rhino and Khismia finishing off Armag, but Jiro lying dead nearby (prevented from avoiding Armag’s killing blow by the very rhino brought in to distract Armag from making that blow). As soon as Armag dropped to the floor the high priest crumbled to dust beside him. The tomb was ours! As was Armag’s mighty sword, one which practically dripped magic and we guessed from the aura was also intelligent. Khismia showed an unhealthy interest in wielding it, so it went right into one of the portable holes which she is definitely not carrying until we can learn more about it (and not by having her wield it, which was her suggestion!). We headed back out of the tomb and set up our fortress camp. We’ll explore around here more, making sure there aren’t outlying barbarian camps, though I suspect they’ll no longer be a problem with Armag down.

Traps Galore!
Wish we had a rogue right now

Arodus 12
We arrived at the barbarian encampment today finding nothing of interest along the way other than a talking horse with his herd of wild horses. He seemed uninterested in us as long as we stayed away from his mares. I used a Find the Path enchantment to lead us directly to the camp rather than our usual “explore everything between here and there” method of finding things of interest. We figured the sooner we can locate and neutralize the barbarians the sooner we can get Drelev back on its feet.

The barbarian encampment was a lot smaller than expected with only a small camp leading into an entrance to a hill behind it known as Armag’s Tomb. We suspected (correctly) that the bulk of the barbarians would be inside the hill. As an aside, we’d done a bit of research into Armag while we were back in Isenfell so as to not go in completely unprepared. Armag was a barbarian who conquered in the name of Gorum centuries ago who is prophesied to be born again to once more lead the crusade for Gorum (mostly against Pharasma’s forces as they’re sworn enemies). Not sure who the current “Armag” is, but it seems he and his followers truly believe he’s the real Armag and are quite willing to rampage for Gorum. Though we’re not associated with Pharasma in any way, their previous willingness to rampage into our kingdom has made us personally keen on ending this campaign.

Jiro moved ahead of us to scout and managed to handily slip by the sentry ring guarding the camp to find a big building in the center which on closer observation appeared to contain the missing daughters of the leaders of Drelev. With more barbarians in evidence around the camp, Jiro didn’t think he could free them surreptitiously, so he rejoined us and we all went in together, non-stealthily. An attempt at parlay ended as expected with a clash of weapons which we won. We released the captives, discovering that one was indeed Lord Numesti’s missing daughter and that all were in reasonably good health despite their long captivity. Not wishing to risk them walking back to Drelev, Khismia offered to teleport them home and meet back here.

Once she got back, we headed into the burial mound. Over the door was a sign saying, “Here lies Armag the Mighty.” The door had no visible way to open it, so Jiro used his usual method of hammer to face (door) which eventually succeeded, though we noticed that the door didn’t so much shatter as choose to let him in after a particularly strong hit. It also mended itself magically after we went through. Interesting…

We ran into several clerics of Gairona who were quite annoying as they toss around confusion spells like Eran and I toss around heals. We eventually defeated them and came upon a room with four boulders and four holes of appropriate size to be filled by them in ascending order up a set of stairs leading to a double door. Another feat of strength accomplished (with Ilona, Khismia and Jiro toiling mightily while Eran, Breela and I sat back and enjoyed a nice lunch) and the doors unlocked. The next room was huge, filled with columns and quite unnaturally cold. A little spell to resist the elements made it comfortable again while Ilona took her time examining a large wheel, made with iron weapons. She turned it, making the cold wind gust more fiercely, but my spell protected us. After she’d turned it quite a few times (she thinks it was seven), the door on the other side of the room unlocked. Jiro notices a door hidden behind an illusion leading to a narrow passageway completely filled with mist. It also contained air mephits, swarms and a few demons. I’m kinda hazy on the details because I had shield other up on two people resulting in me being unconscious most of the fight from the damage. After they’d defeated the two demons and taken out the swarms we were very abused and low on spells, so we retreated back outside the tomb to our tower to heal up and rest. We’ll re-engage tomorrow.

A Demonic Incursion in the North?
Surtova may have unexpected allies

Arodus 7
While in the endless rounds of council meetings we seem to get stuck in monthly we had some interesting news from Evelyth (who always seems to know when Eran will be back home!). She told us that sources loyal to her crusade have reported a marilith in Brevoy leading an army. This could potentially mean Surtova is complicit with the demonic invaders! We immediately sent magically to Poul to ask if he had any personal reports of such an encounter, as well as to ask for an update on the resistance. He’d not seen a marilith nor had reports of one, but his other news was grim enough. They’ve lost 30% of their forces and Medvyed will soon be out of the resistance. He was very keen on us proving Surtova’s link to demons (if there is one) as that would certainly swing the balance of favor toward the resistance (well, not necessarily militarily, but certainly morally). Once we’d finished talking with him, Evelyth said she’d see what she could do about getting more crusaders assigned to this area.

In more mundane, non-demon infested news, we’ve finished installing magical street lamps in Vygon, Tatzlford and Olegton. Vygon got most of the builder’s attention this month with an upgrade of their shrine to Erastil to a temple and a new shrine to Abadar installed. They also got a caster’s tower, alchemist and an everflowing spring. With our duties toward running the kingdom fulfilled for the month, we’re going to work our way north of Drelev with the intention of removing the barbarian threat to the city permanently.

Drelev Defended
Calm before the storm

Erastus 30
We’ve been exploring some more close-by land while waiting for our troops to arrive, but have found nothing of interest. They got here a couple of days ago and seem to be all settled in now. They’ll be garrisoned outside the city and are for external defense only, not city-wide peacekeeping. Until Drelev officially joins our kingdom we’re doing our best to allow them their autonomy, which includes not passively taking over with our troops. We’ve set up a series of reporting chains which we hope will allow us some notice if the naga’s up to her mind controlling ways while we’re gone. It’s about time for us to go home and see what problems have cropped up while we’ve been off gallivanting. It’ll be nice to not have a lovely view of the swamp for a few days…

Khismia and the Naga
A new nemesis!

Later on Erastus 21
Once we had turned in the cat’s head to be displayed for the citizenry to rejoice we set about unraveling the mystery around Khismia. After we’d chased down the Baron’s party while she was in town she’d told us a tale of simply cleaning up mercenary groups and putting out fires, but since that’s the only time recently we’d not been together we decided to investigate that time period.

With an anti-magic shield invoked her story was a bit different! She had indeed defeated several groups of the marauding mercenaries and put out fires, but later on the blacksmith, one of our Calistrian priestess’ friends, had run to find her and asked her to follow. Khismia had unquestioningly followed him back into the abandoned and crumbing temple of Erastus where she lost consciousness. Waking up later, she found herself face to face with the naga we’d chased out of the swamp (well, she swears it’s the same naga at least, and I can’t imagine if there are multiple ones in the area they’re too keen to share territory). The naga told her that she should champion Lord Numesti as the new ruler of the city and that she’d forget the conversation entirely. Obviously this command was enforced with magical power as Khismia is normally quite contrary, yet complied at once.

Just to be sure, we also had Khismia tell her version of events outside the anti-magic field again and the naga mysteriously disappeared as did the conversation we’d just had with her. Eran set about fixing that little compulsion and then we all headed to the keep to have a chat with Lord Numesti, who we guessed to be under control of the naga. Once we’d gained an audience with him, we asked that we talk away from prying ears at the fortress. We explained about Khismia’s modified memories and the naga and surreptitiously checked him for magical auras but surprisingly he was clean. Then he surprised us by not being surprised and said he knew the naga, Nagara, as she’d come in a few days ago asking for sanctuary in exchange for assisting in the city’s defense against the barbarians. He’d taken her up on that offer, and noting our concern, offered to allow us to speak with her privately. He also warned us that the naga was now under his protection and he would not like us to harm her in any way.

Back at the fortress we met Nagara, though we took the precaution of again using an anti-magic field to prevent any of her mind-altering tricks. She sounded genuinely interested in defending Drelev as the only island of civilization in the area. None of us believed her for a second, but with no heinous crimes to her name (yet!), Eran gave her a conditional pardon assuming her continued good behavior and continued lack of memory modification on Lord Numesti and other members in charge of the governance of Drelev. Jiro was rather incensed we didn’t just kill her and be done with it as she’s likely to be a nuisance later, but since Eran’s word is law he’s just going to have to live with the decision for now. Eran says he’s just giving her room to provide her own rope for hanging.

Loose Ends, Large Cat
Cleaning up the Countryside

Erastus 21
While we’ve been waiting for our troops to arrive to protect Fort Drelev we’ve been asked to look into the problem of a killer cat to the north. It’s been nicknamed Speartooth, supposedly for the size of its teeth, though I was certain that was an exaggeration until I saw it!

We headed out yesterday to hunt the beast and found its lair in a narrow valley covered in thorny plants. The cat wasn’t home, so we took time to explore the large cave, finding the remains of a “famous hunter” sent to slay the beast as well as the bodies of several of the mercenaries formerly stationed at Drelev. We decided to set up our fortress nearby to keep watch and were rewarded when our quarry showed up several hours later with a horse in its mouth!

Ilona and Khismia set out to engage with the rest of us trailing behind (leaving our horses behind to not look so tasty!). When Khismia got close it dropped its delicious meal to pounce on her and pull her and the eidolon out of the air. After much grappling and confusion and near misses we finally got the thing beaten and removed its head to take back to town as proof of the deed.

While checking the lair for magical auras we saw a weird echo off Khismia which we’re going to investigate as soon as we get back to town. We buried the bodies of the slain men and bundled up their personal effects in case there’s someone missing them which we can locate. I’ll write more later when we find out what’s up with Khismia’s weird magical aura.

All Hell Breaks Loose
And the Baron loses his barony

Erastus 18
Wow, yesterday was kind of crazy. I’m back in Isenfell getting Breela resurrected, but that’s telling the events out of order, so I’ll go back a bit.

Yesterday our dance plan went off without a hitch. We managed to snag nearly all of the mercenary guards in our sleep spell and left Satinder and a few of her trusted townsfolk to truss them up well. Meanwhile, as soon as Ilona and I were properly garbed we used a few dimension door spells to get us to the “secret” escape route quickly. We were assuming as soon as that many guards didn’t report in the baron would know something was up and might make a run for it. Satinder posted some guards to watch for those fleeing from the keep. They’re not to engage, simply watch and/or follow.

Right as we entered the tunnel we had several black puddings fall on us from above. Eran and Jiro managed to jump aside, but Khismia wasn’t so fortunate. Jiro started hacking at them, splitting them into smaller slimes before Breela stepped in with a big fireball to end the encounter. Our next obstacle was a very rusty iron gate which Jiro heaved and heaved and heaved at without success. Ilona pushed him aside to try and lifted it seemingly with ease. He insists that he loosened it up for her, but we continued teasing him about it all day.

We found a bunch of storerooms and treasury and secret doors and locked doors. Eventually we came to one where we could hear someone on the other side of the door (which was locked), so Breela took Ilona, Jiro and Eran with her in a dimension door. Apparently they found the dungeon as most of them ended up inside cells. They made the acquaintance of a middle-aged man with a beard who introduced himself as Lord Terion Numeste, Cassandra’s father. After assuring him that his daughter was safe (well, one daughter at least), they made a proper jailbreak and we met back up while Lord Numeste said he’d go rally the people. We let him have his moment.

After rambling about the keep looking for worthy opponents we finally located the courtyard where the giants hole up during the day. Ah hah, exactly the combatants we needed kept off the streets if our little rebellion was to flourish! Many, many boulders later, Mari had finished off 4 of the giants and Breela had been forced to retreat from the stone barrage. A couple of fireballs had zoomed in during the fight (which Breela swears were not from her, but I wonder…) and once we’d vanquished the giants we started trying to locate the spellcaster. While doing that, a voice called out for the mage to cease his barrage and asking for parlay. Ilona and I rode over to speak with the man, Baron Hannas Drelev himself. He asks why Isenfell has declared war on his city, to which we counter that he attacked first with mercenaries and barbarians invading us. He then claimed that it was all the fault of Pitax, yelled that all of the surrounding kingdoms would know of our “treachery” and ran into the keep behind him and slammed and locked the door. How rude!

After taking a minute to heal up (giants may be dumb, but they can certainly clobber pretty well), we used more dimension doors to get up to a balcony in the keep’s tower (probably where the mage had been bombarding us from) and started searching from there. We found a bunch of rooms, none of which housed the Baron’s runaway mage (which is why we started in the tower rather than following the Baron directly). We did encounter the mage’s sister and Baron’s wife, Cavetta, and her little yippy dog. She was scared but mostly cooperative so we put her in the traveling portable hole (the one where we’ve got cushions and air and books rather than the one with all our loot). We located the Baron’s room with a secret passage leading to what was presumably his mistress’ room containing many expensive gifts. We also located the mage’s rooms, but no mage, so we headed back downstairs, leaving nothing behind us to surprise us at an inopportune moment.

Cleared out the whole fortress top to bottom, finding no one. As we headed into the dungeons again we found evidence that our missing people had escaped out the tunnel (big surprise!) so we followed them out. Unfortunately, our revolutionary scouts hadn’t stayed hidden as we found their bodies outside the tunnel. A moment of searching and Jiro located two sets of tracks, most of them leading back to town and a smaller contingent heading northeast which we assumed contained our quarry. We wanted to capture the Baron, of course, but Khismia pointed out that the town appeared to be starting to burn and volunteered to head back with her eidolon to do what damage control she could do. Since the giants had been dealt with and the mercenaries don’t pose much of a threat to her, it seemed safe enough. We wished her luck and continued hunting our quarry.

With our magical mounts summoned, we were easily able to make up ground on the Baron’s party, which led us to a large river where eight people had crossed, presumably with the Baron, but Jiro also found some other tracks. After dimension dooring across to the river party, they surrendered, but we could see the Baron wasn’t with them. Meanwhile the Baron’s location became obvious as he backstabbed Breela and then the mage successfully cast a disintegrate spell on her (and thus why I’m back in Isenfell today getting her resurrected). The mage put Jiro in some kind of spell bubble (not a spell I’m familiar with), and the Baron’s mistress, apparently a bard started singing an inspiring song of some sort. Things got all messy then, obviously. The Baron attacked with several guardsmen while the mage flew up out of reach and the bard faded out of sight. After the mage shot a chain lightning into our midst screaming about us killing his sister I realized that we might be able to turn him away from the Baron’s service and started trying to talk him down, telling him his sister was fine, and was in fact with us right now, safely tucked into our portable hole. With my charismatic nature, I was able to sway him to at least listen as I explained. He says if I give her to him, we’ll part ways. Grabbing the correct hole, I carefully open it in front of him and request that the Baroness come out. She does so, and before the mage takes off with her, he says, “You’re lucky I didn’t see eye to eye with the Baron!”

Meanwhile, Ilona, Jiro and Eran have managed to completely wipe out the Baron’s party except for the invisible bard, who once we’re unengaged, reappears and introduces herself. She’s actually a spy for Daggermark (the Gaulus’ family’s original homeland) and wishes no quarrel with us. While we ride back to town (after gathering what we can of Breela and her gear), Quintessa tells us that she’d been sent to find out what Pitax is up to and fills us in on the inside story of the conquest of Fort Drelev. It basically dovetails what we had heard so far. Lord Numeste, hearing of the Baron’s demise and the mage’s defection, begs us to take over rulership of the town. I’d best set down my pen and check that our soldiers and food carts are nearly ready. We’ve got to get them to Drelev as soon as possible so that we can deal with the barbarians in the north (and feed Drelev’s starving people). I’ve also stuffed both portable holes with as much foodstuffs as we can carry back for now. I’m off to see how Breela’s feeling with her new lease on life.

Preparations Must Be Made
Getting the word out

Erastus 16
We were working on getting the symbol of sleep etched into the floor of Satinder’s dance hall when Satinder herself showed up and anxiously told us there were several mercenaries demanding to see Ilona and me. Had they somehow heard we were plotting something? Acting all innocent, we went out to see what they wanted, only to find out that they were angry that we’d “forgotten” to pay the “docking fee” (never mind that they’d already taken a bribe so they would “forget” the docking fee). After laughing and pretending that we didn’t remember we’d already paid them we just paid the fee but made sure that they knew of our performance the following day and asked them to bring all their friends as we loved having a large audience. They left quite satisfied and promised to return.

Satinder says all of her people are armed and ready, so as soon as we knock out as many guards as happen to come to watch our little dance, it’ll be show time for real.

Infiltrating Fort Drelev
As subtle as we can be?

Erastus 14
Well, it’s been quite a busy day! Ilona and I arrived this morning in Fort Drelev in our lovely little magical boat loaded with goods and supplies and posing as merchant sisters. The rest of our party were our deckhands and crew and haulers and the like. We were met at the docks by stoic expressions from the dockhands and eager ones from the mercenary guards who immediately demanded payment of the “docking fee.” Pretending ignorance, I convinced them to take a bribe and Ilona agreed to go with them (to distract them). My sister may enjoy her partying, but I have complete confidence in her ability to handle even several drunken guards at once and it got them away from the rest of us. With the guards withdrawn, the dockhands approached us to surreptitiously warn us of the surly nature of the mercenaries and the dusk curfew. Continuing to stay in character, I thanked them gravely for the warning and handed out coins for their consideration.

With Eran and the others in tow (carrying Ilona and my personal effects, of course!), we set out for the inn recommended by the dockhands, which just happened to be the one Cassandra had told us to go to, and when we arrived, also seemed to be the one that Ilona and her guard friends had gone to! So much fun! When we walked in I could immediately spot our contact, Satinder Morne, a gorgeous bartender wearing a Calistrian symbol. She glanced from Ilona to me and back, rolled her eyes, and then came forward to see what we wanted for food and drink. It seems while we’d been unloading our things, Ilona had ingratiated herself with the locals by buying a round for the house and was currently engaged in drinking her companions under the table (though she later told me that our contact had been purposely watering Ilona’s drinks and giving the guards full-strength as Satinder had given her a warning earlier). While Satinder took care of our needs she told me in a low voice to request room seven as soon as possible. Once we could pry Ilona away from her now quite muzzy guards, I went up to the bar and did exactly that. One of the other girls led us up to the room and set up a delicious meal which we all sat down to consume. We were only a little startled when Satinder herself walked in minutes later through a secret door in the wall.

She immediately demanded to know who we were, and to save time on explanations we handed her the jade ring from Cassandra with a lovely flower we’d brought along for that purpose. That smoothed things over as we simply told her the truth – we were most of the ruling council from Isenfell and our intention was to liberate Fort Drelev as expediently as we could. After that she was quite willing to fill us in on anything we wished to know about the town. There are around 54 guards in town with more in the keep, all mercenaries. These guards patrol with a couple of giants, with many more giants out on the streets at night. The so-called Baron Drelev has a mage named Imeckus Stroom in his employ and is married to the mage’s sister, Cavetta. According to Satinder, Cavetta is a useless aristocrat and is currently quite upset about a woman named Quintessa Maray, rumored to be the baron’s mistress, and, Satinder suspects, a spy, though she doesn’t know who for.

Satinder knows of a secret entrance to the keep northeast of the town along the beach (most likely intended as an escape route for the Baron) and says that if we can give her six hours notice she can have fifty people waiting at Sutton Smithy and Stables ready and willing to cause trouble for the guards, though they would need weapons first. She tells us that the guards have a watchtower and that there are only one to two giants out during the day but at least nine hill giants at night.

As a way of getting the guards collected and dealt with, Ilona and I agree to dance at her bar in a couple night’s time with a symbol of sleep set up ahead of time to catch most of the guards unharmed. She’ll make sure the word gets out so that as many of the mercenaries show up as possible. I’m actually back in Isenfell tonight gathering as many common weapons as I can jam in the portable hole to take back in the morning as well as collecting the components I need for the symbol. We’ll kick things off in a couple of days (once the guards have found out about the dance, and once Satinder’s people have been armed and informed).


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