The Winery

May have once been a nice place

Later on Kuthona 8
After using a Greater Teleport to get to the winery we found it in extreme disrepair. We did hear a dice game nearby, but Khismia, feeling alone without her eidolon friend, started summoning him immediately without checking out the surroundings first. Not surprisingly, they heard her and came to investigate. We were forced to be more aggressive when they obviously recognized Eran (as the king of Isenfell) and yelled to run and tell “Gaetane.” I pulled Khismia and Breela, the only 2 within easy reach, into a dimension door to the back of the room in an attempt to cut off the ones trying to notify others of our presence. Eran forbade them to move, which helped on some of them, but not enough to keep others from knocking out Breela. After a quick channel, I ran out of the building following Khismia who was following a bard who’d blinked through the wall. Khismia decided that a rampaging triceratops would be just the thing to remain unnoticed, though it did take care of the bard…

With Eran forbidding movement on the rest of the guys inside the building, Jiro and Ilona were easily able to clean them up. We put out the fires Breela had caused, got her healed up and headed to a cave which had a tunnel leading up into the abbey through their well. On the way we dealt with a rotting corpse and the tunnel’s “lights,” more will o’wisps. The ghost managed to nearly kill Khismia, but Eran got to her in time with some massive curative magic and we successfully dispersed the foul spirit. Once things had calmed down, Jiro noticed a secret door through one of the casks leading to what we think was the gardener’s room containing a gorgeous water clock. Deciding to return and check out the clock later, we scouted up the well to find the abbey and a graveyard. Another dimension door spell put us at the top of the well where we found some people quite surprised to see us appear. A grand fight ensued not only with the abbey defenders, archers and guys with enlarge person spells, but a couple of shambling mounds which seemed to take exception to our presence and ambled in from the graveyard to hug the eidolon.

Once we’d emerged victorious, we headed into the abbey proper to discover an extensive alchemical set-up. We heard a voice, presumably the man in charge of the operation here tell people, presumably behind the barricade, because we didn’t see anyone, to hold us off because the “horn is nearly ready.” Assuming that that would be bad for us, Jiro and Khismia immediately moved to hack down the barricade. Ilona jumped over the barricade, and from the sounds she made landing I presume it was less than graceful! I simply dimension doored with Eran and Breela. Breela immediately started casting a spell, and unfortunately, finished it just as the alchemist yelled “No spells!” and the room exploded!



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