Tatzlford Grows Quickly

Itching to get back on the road again

Desnus 15
Tatzlford continues to have quite explosive growth. We’ve had to build more housing, and an herbalist to deal with the rising population. They also liked our park in Isenfell so much that they’ve built one of their own. Melianse mellowed to the encroachment of civilization when Tatzlford sent a very respectful delegation to meet her and clearly define the boundaries of her grove and protected lands. They’ve assured her that her needs will be looked after just as though she were any citizen of the nearby town.

We’ve also improved Isenfell’s defenses with the addition of more city walls, which the people in the capital were delighted with. I think we’d now be able to hold off pretty much any creature or bandit attack even if we’re not in residence at the time (not stupid flying green dragons though, have to think of a solution in case that one comes back).



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