Standard Adventuring Fare

A pretty boring month

Sarenith 30
I’ll just write up the whole month in one go. Nothing terribly exciting happened, so I didn’t write anything as we were out exploring. We just teleported back this afternoon, so I can write this up in comfort!

We’d first headed out to explore an area indicated as haunted by the bogstriders. They had a legend of a beast called a hooktongue (hence the name of the lake) but it hasn’t been seen in decades. In the haunted area, fishermen go missing and are later discovered missing eyes and fingers. As we were exploring from our folding boat, we heard voices from shore which we went to investigate. What we found were some evil river otter-like things that died rather quickly, which we think are the source of the rumors since we found no other evidence of creatures (or hauntings) in the area.

We explored a large swath of quicksand which is dense enough I don’t think we’ll be able to use that land for anything at all. We found a large patch of cloudberries elsewhere, used in many foods and drinks. An area indicated by the bogstriders to be the site of a boggard ambush was quite calm, probably due to us wiping out the boggard village earlier in our travels.

We did find a really cool bridge, one we think is well over two hundred years old, with wyvern decorations. We’re calling it the Wyvern Stone Bridge in any case, and we won’t have to build a new bridge there, though we’ll have the royal engineers check it for soundness before putting it to use.

And that was the entire month of Sarenith in review. Oh, Ilona and I did teleport back to Isenfell for Midsummer along with Breela (who decided she would be happy for a chance at a hot bath if we were going anyway) while Jiro wanted to check out the area we were headed to the next day and Khismia took the opportunity to “be alone” with Eran…



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