Spring Time

Our first seasonal festival

Pharast 22
Wow, slept kind of late today. We were up until all hours celebrating spring. And fertility, and stuff… I think I won’t put in any details, lest they incriminate me, or Ilona needs more blackmail material. Though I certainly can’t say where she was sleeping last night either…

I must say, the new temple to Calistria (and the voluptuous priestesses employed there) were quite popular with celebrants. We’ve also installed the new magical streetlamps, and I think they look quite beautiful at night all lit up. Tatzlford also got some upgrades this month with a dance hall and tannery. I heard that the dance hall was well broken-in last night as well. It’s nice not having to be so serious all the time, and I’m glad the weather is warming up again. Soon it’ll be time for the spring planting.



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