Know thy enemy

Kuthona 30
It’s been a busy week. We celebrated the Midwinter Festival in Isenfell for once. The Alchemist’s Guild had a fantastic display of fireworks and we must have had twenty giant bonfires burning all around the city. The weather was delightfully mild with light snow. Perlivash spent the whole evening dropping snowballs on random passerbys, but they didn’t seem to mind. Warm mead and roasts for everyone tend to put people in a good mood, despite the threat of war in the spring.

The day after that we hallowed the council chambers and put a dimensional anchor on them. If we have anyone else porting in they won’t be able to leave the same way. We also gave Lily a pretty big influx of cash to find out what she can about Pitax’s plans. Before she left, she mentioned we might want to check out a situation in Olegton. Earlier this year the mayor had left his wife of many years for a much younger woman. Normally not of interest, but she now seems to more or less be running things there.

While Khismia and Jiro headed out to talk to the residents of Olegton, the rest of us talked to the Mayor. He seemed happy and normal, just not really as interested in managing Olegton as one would expect. Jiro and Khismia reported back that while she’s been taking over, people don’t seem to mind as she is effective and attractive. We decided we should talk to his former wife who’s only comment was “Jenna is young, beautiful, and has my ex-husband wrapped around her finger.” It didn’t take much persuasion to get the Mayor to throw a state dinner in honor of our visit where we officially met his wife, who did indeed seem normal and beautiful, though definitely ambitious. However, Khismia detected a weak transmutation aura on her which caused us to question her more aggressively (without revealing the magic aura, of course). She’s quite evasive about her past, firm about tariffs and wants to move to the capital. She’s also very bitter about Brevoy as her response to a potential war was, “If they come across the border, kill them all!”

We didn’t really have anything but vague suspicions, so let it drop, intending to have Lily set people to watching her when we got home. However, that night as Jiro was settling in his room (we like to stay over a few days on state visits if we can, rather than seem rushed), he answered a light knock on the door to reveal Jenna, requesting a moment of his time. She said that it was obvious from our dinner conversation that we were not satisfied with the background story she’s told others and she’s willing to tell Jiro, but only if he doesn’t tell her husband. Jiro agreed and she removed a magIcal disguise, revealing a form disfigured, scarred and burned. Her real name was Lizbet and she’d been a whore in New Steven before she’d refused the request of a wizard client who then burned her with acid. Using her connections, she killed him and stole the ring that powers her disguise spell. She does love her husband, though she’s not really happy in Olegton as she views it as too provincial (thus the desire to move to the capital). Jiro was satisfied with her story, though not so much that we won’t have Lily keep an ear out for other developments. Bidding our hosts farewell, we headed out towards Pitax to do our own reconnaissance. After a week of boredom and wind walking, we located two armies, still in Pitax territory, though on our border; one army of around a thousand, one of five hundred. With that information, we headed back to pool our information with Lily.



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