Premptive Strike

Dealing with a problem before it becomes one

Kuthona 8
Lily brought to our attention a report from a ranger in the Pitax lands by the name of Ilamaner Melarson detailing a troubling development at an old abbey dedicated to Caiden Kailean. The abbey, Whiterose, has been abandoned this past decade or so after the abbot was murdered and the other brothers all poisoned by the gardener (or so rumor has it). They had been known for their wine, which while never fermented, was still unusually potent. The local explanation involves a water spirit named Evindra who dwells (or dwelt) below the abbey.

All that was just background though to the reason the ranger chose to contact us, and that was to inform us that there’s now been renewed activity at the abbey under the direction of Lord Irovetti of Pitax. His researchers there appear to be experimenting with a magical weapon created with the help of a master poisoner from Daggermark. The net effect is essentially a cloudkill spell that is useable by non-mages. The ranger noticed that they were testing it on local flora and fauna and wishes us to stop it. Not wanting our own troops to be facing such a devastating weapon, Eran agreed it was best we go at once, though hopefully get in and out without being recognized. I’ll write more later, I must go grab my gear.



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