Our Enemies Get More Clever

A cyclopian ambush

Pharast 21
We were exploring into the mountains today when we came upon a group of bugbears heading south, deeper into the mountains. We decided to follow them to see where they were heading and what they were up to. Not being particularly stealthy as a group, they soon saw us and sped up, apparently heading for a group of caves we could see. We didn’t really want them meeting up with other allies, so we decided we should cut them off. However, it was all a trap as when we rounded a bend in the mountains on their tail we came face to face with one of the huge cyclops with a horn!

Roaring in challenge, he engaged us in combat, with the bugbears immediately rallying around him to also fight us. They also had more bugbear companions waiting along the mountain ridges and throwing javelins at us. After a very harrowing fight (not from the bugbears, but that cyclops can sure dish out the damage), we finally stood victorious!



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