Nasty Little Beasts

But we've got quills!

Desnus 20
We’ve been exploring along the South Rostland Road, completely uneventfully, I might add. We found a Nomen burial ground, but are leaving it alone. Earlier today we saw a large number of carrion birds circling something, so headed over to investigate. We found the bodies of several large creatures decaying in the sun, and as we got closer it became obvious that they were manticores, riddled with what looked like quills. Oddly, as manticores also have quills, they didn’t appear to be the same type of quills… As we got closer to investigate, a large spiny creature jumped into the middle of our horses and shook itself, like a dog shaking off water, only instead it sprayed us with many, many quills. These quills were apparently poisoned as several of us (and our horses) started to feel ill immediately. Even worse, the creatures (as another one appeared as well) were so closely packed with spines that any melee attack was sure to brush more quills against ones skin and add more poison to that already flowing freely. We prevailed against them, but we weren’t feeling particularly well by the end, and all our horses but Ilona’s had succumbed to the poison. We did remember to collect the manticore quills that our local poet wanted.

Since we aren’t far from Restov, we’ll need to walk there, get new horses, and then it’ll be time to get back to Isenfell again.



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