Lost and Found

Located a missing brother

Pharast 26
We found the missing Hanvaki brother today, unfortunately (but not unexpected), he wasn’t still alive. It looks like he must have fallen down the mountain and died from his injuries. We removed his belongings to return to his brother and buried the body.

I was also too tired a couple of days ago to note that we found a good sized chasm crossed by none other than a “bridge” made of spider silk. On the other side we could see the body of a dwarf still holding a glowing warhammer. Not trusting that whatever put up the webs wasn’t lying in wait, we used dimension door to reach the other side and take the hammer. We buried the dwarf’s body and then collected the spider silk for our aspiring seamstress to use in her creative endeavors. Cutting and reeling in the silk attracted the attention of its creators and we removed a few more giant spiders from the wilderness.

We’ll head back to Isenfell in the morning.



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