Khismia and Lily Not Speaking to Each Other

Ilona very amused

Sarenith 2
We got back yesterday from patrolling the border to find that Lily had planned a grand birthday celebration for the three of us since we’d been out in the wilds on our actual birthday. Of course, we all know that it’s really a party for Eran, but it’s a bit too obvious if she only invites him and he may just ignore the invitation that way. So, a party for all it is! It was hilarious watching Khismia and Lily swiping at each other (verbally) all night, while also trying to catch and keep Eran’s attention. Eran, meanwhile, seemed completely oblivious to their feminine wiles and was instead discussing the civil war happening in the north with Garess. Garess had received a missive from his family contacts while we were gone saying the Battle of Silverhall had ended in a “tactical victory” for the rebels, but while they’d won the battle they didn’t want to be tied down in one place, so they’d abandoned their captured city soon afterwards. I’ll say one thing about Lily though, she throws an awesome party. There were all sorts of delicious foods (especially delicious when one has been out in the swamp and on border patrol for a month) and a lovely large cake! She’d acquired a troupe of jugglers who were very keen on juggling dangerous things like fire and knives, which was quite a show. Khismia even volunteered to have knives thrown around her (after Lily shuddered and exclaimed that she would “never be brave enough to do that!”) and seemed quite calm while strangers hurled pointy objects her way. All for naught as Eran continued his discussions next with Celeste to see how the new armies are affecting the economy. My brother really needs to learn to relax! The night ended with neither leaving with Eran and neither speaking with each other. It also ended with Ilona and I in fits of giggles and plotting our next move…



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