Invasion Imminent

Not very nice neighbors

Abadius 8
Lily gave us her completed recon report on Pitax this morning. She reports a couple more armies, one made up of hill giants riding mammoths! Communication with a small town named Littleton (near Pitax) has ceased with no idea why. She is absolutely certain that their economy cannot support that level of mobilization for long and they will therefore be forced to invade in very short order. We were going to go attempt to slow down or eliminate one or more of the armies right away, but we got a message from Varnhold reporting a “winged creature” which had burned their foundry to the ground and they were requesting assistance immediately. By the time we arrived, there was nothing remaining of the foundry but debris and no creature in evidence, though many people reported seeing a strange man/vulture being which we can pretty surely assume to be a vrock. While there, Jhod got ahold of us to tell us that there were other affected cities all over.

At that point we resigned ourselves to dealing with Pitax the next day…

After visiting all of the affected cities and promising aid in rebuilding the destroyed structures (and finding there were many destructive vrock about), we headed back to our magical academy to have them check on the fey portal site. Not surprisingly, they could no longer see the site, so guess where we went next? A quick teleport plunked us down in the middle of a blizzard (not unusual in winter, but not usually so carefully contained as this one seemed to be). Jiro’s tracking skills were able to get us to the cave on top of the portal site where he then stopped us to point out ground tremors he’d felt and to inform us that his heightened senses had detected about eight foes only a short distance off. The blizzard enabled us to carefully go around them undetected (normally we’d just remove them, but we guessed, correctly, that they were just guards for whoever or whatever was the real problem down here) and found a bulette removing our stone fortifications around the cave (and a mysterious storm eye perfectly centered on the cave entrance, what an amazing coincidence, ha!).

Moving to attack the bulette, we found it wasn’t alone, but had a druid with it buffing its defenses with barkskin, making it very, very hard to hit. Jiro used sneaky ranger shenanigans to attack the druid directly instead of going through his bulette pet, forcing his to step back into the stone and stop assisting. Without his magical buffs, Jiro, Khismia and Ilona were able to remove the bulette and we also captured several of the guards we’d gone around when they came to investigate the sounds of battle. They had been hired by the druid to guard him. Originally mercenaries stationed around Restov, they told us (with prompting) that Restov is still resisting Brevoyan occupation, though not openly. They also admitted that the druid, Folan, had destroyed our garrison with a giant summoned creature. After restraining the guards, we spent a couple hours digging through the rubble of the garrison and did find a couple survivors which we healed up. They hadn’t heard anything unusual and had of course been staying inside during a blizzard, having no way to tell that it was magically generated. After Eran built a stronger barracks with stone walls we transported the survivors home and returned the bodies of the other guards to Garess to be given proper burials and notify their families.

Quite worn out from digging up the garrison, we retired to our rooms to rest and bathe before dinner. At dinner though, Eran brought with him a strange object like a cube of stone, engraved with a rune floating inside – which Lily, somehow, could tell us was the calling card of an elite extra-planar assassin from the Abyss. Her life must have been so boring before she met us…


My dear sister, you are always confusing Mammoths for Mastodons. Remember the mastodons were much more deadly than the hill giants.

I have talked with Lily quite a bit and her life has been much more interesting since she met us. Now only if we can get her and Eran hooked up…

Invasion Imminent

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