Hatching a Plan

Final swamp cleanup

Erastus 13
We’ve been out exploring the last of the swamp land south of Fort Drelev. So far we’ve found some Chul (large lobster-like creatures) which we ambushed and killed after ransacking their cave while they were out, a large number of shambling mounds which we dispatched, and a dead boggard ambush.

Today however, we came upon some non-hostile, non-natives in the swamp; a group of severly emaciated people moving southwest, too exhausted to flee when we came upon them. They’re fleeing from Fort Drelev where the mercenaries are getting “more capricious and more brutal” by the day. We decided we’d wasted enough time exploring and that Drelev needs to be dealt with, so we’ve teleported the entire group back to Isenfell to recover while we plan our infiltration of Fort Drelev. Pumping the refugees (while feeding them, of course, we’re not that heartless) yielded a lot of useful information like the city layout and general number of fighters in the city. A frontal assault seems like a bad idea with how many mercenaries we’ve heard are there, so we’ll try meeting up with Cassandra Numesti’s Calistrian contact and see what she can tell us. To this end, Ilona and I will pose as merchants (hot Aasimar twins are often quite good at distracting guards from what’s really going on!) while Eran (disguised as he’s quite well-known) and the others act as our “staff.” We’ve stocked up on the kind of trade goods the refugees say would be desirable in Fort Drelev and will port most of the way there in the morning with the rest of the trip made in our folding boat.



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