Fey Happenings

Another artifact to destroy?

Kuthona 9
Sorry about the dramatic ending to yesterday’s entry. Khismia tripped on a pack and nearly spilled our stew into the fire (as well as herself). Obviously we survived the violent reaction to Breela’s spell in the alchemy lab, though the opposing forces were not so lucky. After healing up the damage and making sure that the weapon research was definitely destroyed, we explored the rest of the above ground buildings and found nothing of interest. Returning to the gardener’s room, Jiro, who also dabbles in construction and engineering, started working on the clock to see if he could figure out how to disassemble it for transport. He did something that caused a bunch of water to spill out, which surprisingly solidified into a beautiful elven woman, presumably the ‘water nymph’ rumored to live below the abbey and the cause of the extraordinary potency of the wine once made here. I must say I hadn’t expected her to be living inside a water clock!

The neriad introduced herself as Evindra and thanked us profusely for the rescue. She’d been imprisoned by the (crazy) gardener years ago in an attempt to force her to marry him. We explained we’d fought off an angry ghost, most likely her captor. She told us that four weeks ago she’d heard some men talking to the gardener, but she refused to tell us what they were talking about, but at least we now know that he was still alive at that time. She also was devastated about a missing shawl of hers which we were unable to locate. I’m assuming it’s not just a fetching accessory to her wardrobe…

Not being able to get her to trust us so we could try and help her out, we convinced her to teleport with us to Melianse’s grove where they talked in private for awhile and eventually decided to trust us a little. She was the guardian of a sword named “Briar,” an important artifact of the First World. She vaguely mentioned that it is related in some way to Nyrissa, a powerful but twisted nymph. It’s a name we’ve encountered before and she was distressed that Nyrissa’s attention might be focused on this land. She gave us a description of “Briar” and told us not to touch it as using it would awaken it and draw Nyrissa’s attention and she could not be allowed to recover it. She entreated us to recover the sword and her shawl, taken away by Pitaxian agents, and promised that in return she would tell us all that she knew. She’ll stay with Melianse to be nearby in case we need to contact her.



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