Brevoy Threatens

Why is that fey crystal so important?

Kuthona 19
Our Brevoyan ambassador requested an audience this morning, which we granted. He entered with a companion whom he seemed uncomfortable with and introduced him as Malthus from the Brevoyan College of Wizardry in New Steven. Malthus took great pains to describe the tensions with Pitax and told us that Pitax had requested an alliance with Brevoy. Getting to the heart of the matter, he told us that Brevoy would normally be inclined to accept their offer, but could be offered certain ‘inducements’ to refuse – namely, the fey crystal grove. Summoning the ambassador like a lackey, Malthus informed us we could have until tomorrow to deliberate and then they left together.

We immediately summoned Lily and gave her the run down on what had transpired and she was able to tell us that her information about Malthus was that he sits on the leadership council of the college in what’s basically an enforcer role. Not wishing to be forced into an encounter on his terms, and having no desire to cede that landmark to their College of Wizards, we decided to refuse to see him tomorrow, perhaps being out on some ‘pressing business’ or some other polite diplomatic falsehood.



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