A Glorious Arena for Gorum

Ah, to eat with utensils again

Kuthona 5
Today marked the day that our very fancy arena to Gorum opened its doors to gladiators and mercenaries of all lands who wished to compete to earn the favor of the god of battle. There has been an overwhelmingly positive response as vastly more combatants than we expected have flocked to Isenfell in the last few weeks in anticipation of its completion and grand opening. There were even rumors of activity in the box reserved for Gorum himself! We must have successfully restored favor with Gorum as earlier today the heat faded out of every metal implement in our kingdom, allowing normal routines to be reestablished.

While not as glorious as a new arena, Tatzlford was glad to welcome more housing and a new park which I’m sure will look more impressive in the spring. We’ve also added more walls around our growing capital, as well as a pier and theater.

On a more somber note, Lily reported rumors that forces from Brevoy are massing on our northern borders and informed us that she’ll be concentrating most of her resources to get information about their deployment and composition.



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